Sunday, October 30, 2011


We went to church today. Our minister's wife is dealing with cancer, brain tumors. This has come as a shock to our church. Our little church seems to have had more dealings with this disease than you'd expect. Ray and Sallie sit in front of me, and they were not there this week. I was grieved to find that their 20 year old grand daughter has just found out she has ovarian cancer. It's everywhere, really. All you can do is send out encouragement, or volunteer to cook a meal, or pray. It doesn't seem like nearly enough.

After church, I went to work. We were busy today decorating for Christmas. (Yikes!) Despite my misgivings about the earliness of all of this, I still wore my Santa hat.

A couple from down the road came in. He likes to give me grief. Once last year, I priced a pink Carhartt coat for a woman, and stupidly forgot to void the thing after I priced it. Lo, he was my unfortunate next customer who was a bit startled to find himself being charged for a pink coat. He's never let me forget my mistake, and I've never ceased to tell him that I think he just ought to give in and buy himself that pink coat, because I know how badly he wants it. His wife is a hoot too, and we generally get kind of uproarious when we get a chance. Today, we were out of the drill bit he wanted, so we took one out of our store drill, told him to bring it back when he was done. He was a bit surprised by that.

"That's how the store makes up for having cashiers like me," I quipped. He laughed, but his wife said, "ALL the cashiers should be like you," she said. I cocked my head and said, "Are you angling for more free stuff?" We all laughed. We have some pink TSC hats. If those things ever go on sale, I swear I'm going to buy one and hang it on their front door. They will know exactly where it came from.

So it was a busy day, and a nice day, as usual, shooting the breeze with everyone.

It's 11 now, and my homework is done. I'll leave you with a question: Who do you think the ninny was that forgot to buy more computer paper? Who do you think can't print out her homework? *sigh* Never fails. There's always some stinking stupid thing...


Jayne said...

Oh, yes, you so have to buy them that hat!

PaintedPromise said...

the hat gets my vote too! and Debby, that computer paper thing? you are SO not alone... sigh