Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Tim made me mad yesterday at about 3 AM and I really got my dander up. He's in pain. Serious, serious pain. Sometimes he can't walk, but he ignores things. Yesterday, the alarm went off at 3. Freight day at the store. I lay there trying to wake up. I became aware that Tim was gasping in pain on his side of the bed. I started asking questions. He did not answer me.

Then I got a little ornery.

I was still a little ornery when he came to the store at about noon. "You can't just ignore this Tim. Something is really wrong here, and Physical Therapy is making it worse, not better. You need to..." and he interrupted to say, "I'm not going to work today, and I'm going to make a doctor's appointment. I think that I'll wind up taking temporary disability until we figure out what this is."


My temper tantrum worked. (Payoff?!!) It usually doesn't go like that.

You know, I think that I have reached a turning point at school. I've been struggling to get a handle on Bobath and Brunnstrom and Rood and PNF and NDT and last night, going over the stuff yet again, I began to see it. I found videos on line, and watched the therapies on actual patients. I felt as if the pieces had begun to fit together. For the first time, I realized that I was going to graduate from this course. I mean, that's been the goal, always, but I always felt as if that could be snatched away from me at any given moment.

But it can't.

I've worked hard, and it is coming together, and in May, I'll graduate.


BUSH BABE said...

Working backwards - OF COURSE you are going to graduate. Glad you finally can see that end-of-tunnel light!!

And OMG, poor Tim. Sometimes you think you can tough something out and then, before you know, it's all over you. Hope they find the cause of his problems and sort it quickly. You guys could do with a bout of good health!!

Anonymous said...

I tell my husband that he likes to see how near he can come to dieing before he goes to the doctor. hope Tim gets some answers soon. congrats on the classes.

Kelly said...

I've never had any doubt you'd graduate. Wow - May! That's not really very far off.

I sure hope Tim gets some answers to what's causing the pain. That's the first step.

Caroline said...

You can do it - you will graduate! My husband is an absolute idiot when it comes to medical issues. His shoulder hurt, he went to his doctor finally. The doctor prescribed PT but he didn't go because he didn't think it would do anything. The next year he went back to his doctor again for his annual physical and the doctor again recommended PT. So he finally went - and his shoulder doesn't hurt any more. Sometimes I just want to smack him in the head with a baseball bat or something...

Bob said...

You have read on my blog about Daniel's (Older Son) recent surgery. His symptoms were very similar to Tim's. PT and other remedial measures did not work. The surgery gave him immediate relief from the pain he had been having. Herniated disk, causing a pinched nerve.