Thursday, October 20, 2011

Foiled Again

I managed to get my column out this morning. Last night I spent wasted 5 hours trying to make it work. I should have just given up earlier, worked on homework, and then went to bed, because the column wrote itself in my head while I was sleeping.

I've been doing homework all day. Yay! Definately got a lot of homework done.

I've got to get the house squared away for when the new owner's insurance guy comes to look at the place.

I'm still in my bathrobe and nightgown at 6 PM. (But I did shower at 3, which is an improvement).

So why am I still sitting here at my computer?

Because in 'treating myself' to 15 minutes of blog surfing for all my hard work, I read The Pioneer Woman. Now I'm googling bunny scene Fatal Attraction.

I gotta know. Somebody tell me the story behind the bunny scene.

And dagnabbit! while blog surfing, I discovered that THE WORLD IS ENDING TOMORROW. According to Nanny, Harold Camping has refigured his calculations and decided that his original date of May 21st was incorrect, because the world was actually going to end on OCTOBER 21st. Why the heck was this not publicized?!!! That's irresponsible media right there. I have spent my last day on earth hunkered over a computer keyboard doing homework. Luckily I know about it now, and have saved myself from cleaning house all through the last night on earth.

I don't suppose God will mind if I show up there in my nightgown and bathrobe, right? I did take a shower at 3.


BUSH BABE said...

WEll its October 21 here. And all is well. WEll, my sinuses are imploding, but besides that...

You have never seen Fatal Attraction? Really. Good movie! Iconic rabbit scene.

Spoiler alert: the family's pet rabbit ends up in a pot.
PS I am a bit of a ghoul - I think Silence of the Lambs is great too!

Debby said...

No. I saw the Fatal Attraction, but Ree's post was going on about the behind the scenes bunny story. I was curious about that. Turns out that they used an actual dead bunny in the scene. Ungutted. It exploded, bunny guts all over the set and the smell was horrible. They had to do it again, but sensibly gutted the bunny.

Silence of the Lambs? I hated it. Absolutely could not bear to watch it all the way through. There is something about being at the mercy of irrational people that just makes me sick to my stomach.

Kelly said...

I thought the world was ending in December of 2012. At least according to the Mayans.

Debby said...

Well, I get confused too. It's almost like, oh, I guess it's like nobody REALLY knows.

WhiteStone said...

If it's tomorrow I guess that means I don't have to worry about cancer getting me.
**I'm not sure I'm laughing**

Mrs.Spit said...

Sigh. And it's Mr. Spit's birthday tomorrow and I made reservations at a nice restaurant and bought him a card and everything, darn it!