Friday, October 28, 2011

Dog Stories

Today at the store, I heard two nice dog stories. A fellow came in and bought some premium dogfood, and toys, and a collar, a leash, dog treats. I said, "Did you get yourself a dog?" and he said no, that he'd had one for a few months now. He rescued it, a dog his in-laws had. The dog turned out to be too much for them, and they just kept it in a crate. His kids couldn't stand to see it, and begged him to take the dog home. He caved.

Now that's interesting. I asked him how the dog was doing. It's a pit bull. Sometimes an animal just doesn't recover from treatment like that, and it had spent most of it's three years in a cage. "Oh, that dog is wonderful. She has two acres to run on, and she is the biggest baby you ever saw. When I get home from work, she's so glad to see me. She jumps up on my lap and leans up against me." I told him I'd like to meet her sometime, that he should bring her in. And he went out the door with nearly $100 in dog supplies, and it made me glad.

Another fellow came in and he bought a big bag of dog food and cat food up to the counter. He paid with a check. I noticed the address on the check, that we lived on the same road. He lived some miles away though. I thought. I said, "Are you the folks with the Australian Shepherds?" He wasn't, but they have rescue dogs. They collect dogs from humane societies, dogs that nobody else wants. Old dogs, handicapped dogs, abused dogs. They have an electric fence system set up, and the dogs are free to run. One of the dogs is blind, and they've set it up with gravelled boundaries, so that the blind dog can tell where he's at. They have a rescue cat, and they have horses too.

I like that. I like knowing that there are people in the world like that. I also like that I work at a store where I meet folks like that on a regular basis.

Oh. And I had a test today. I think that I rocked it.


Kelly said...

Stories like these always warm my heart. Thanks for sharing them with us, Debby.

Good job on the test, too. :)

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Love to hear stories like these. Warms my heart; thanks for sharing.

Jayne said...

I love these stories you share with us, Debby, it's so heartwarming to know there are good people out there looking after animals like that :)

KarenTX said...

You can judge the depth of a person's heart by the way they treat the people who serve them and their animals. There's another place in New Hampshire, Rolling Dog Ranch, that takes blind and impaired dogs and horses. They also adopt them out. I go every day to check their blog cause they are in a shelter contest, so I can vote for them. It's a very cool place.

Anonymous said...

You are going to miss that store job when you are a happy and busy therapist!! We love your good heart. Bob and Judy

BB said...

Love your yarns girl... and AWESOME about the exam. :-)

Lisa Roy said...

My mom and I are the owners/operators of a shop called Ameri-Pooch, in northern Rhode Island.

Amost everyday we have the good fortune to meet people like this. Some have never had a pet that wasn't a rescue, and some come with a horrible story (like a Poodle that was thrown out of a car). These people bring these animals into their families, spoil the heck out of them, and if they do get one that doesn't live as long a life as they could have had, feel that "the time we had together was worth it". Pretty incredible! This is one of the wonderful things about working with pet people...It makes you realize how much good there is in the world, despite the bad news we are constantly being assaulted with!