Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Big Weekend.

Today, after work, I'll go to the new house, and we'll put the heavy front doors on again. They'd become swollen and twisted from the water damage. Tim took them to be planed. We'll replace the french doors which he took down while the hardwood floors were being sanded and refinished. He's done a lot of work on that house, and he has done it alone. I've either been at school or work, it seems like.

This weekend, I have Sunday off work. I've determined not to even look at a school book this weekend.

We're going to begin moving things into our new house.

I really do have to take some pictures.

Maybe I'll even get a shot of that cat.

I'm very excited.


BUSH BABE said...

Oh PLEASE! Photos... so exciting!

Dave King said...

Hope everything goes splendidly for you. Fantastic time!

A Novel Woman said...

Get your camera out, woman! We want to see!!! Big and small details. All of them.

It's GORGEOUS up at the lake this weekend - warm, peaceful, sunny - and the fall colours are here. It's our Thanksgiving and believe me, we're giving thanks a'plenty.

Kelly said...

Yes, I want to see photos, too. When will the bed go? Meaning - when will you start living there full time??

PaintedPromise said...

oh how exciting... i know i am way behind and you have already moved a lot of stuff, since i am catching up backwards... but oh, how exciting!!!