Friday, September 16, 2011

Working on that self esteem...

It's been a jumbled up week. I'm trying to catch up from the things that I missed Monday, when I was not in class. We cover so much, and so quickly, that it's easy to get behind. Today, I was supposed to submit my personal and professional goals. My teachers had given me a list of strengths as well as areas that I need to work on. My strengths were listed first: "Compassionate, hard working, reflective, dedicated, driven, very self aware (some times to a fault though), great with patients!" My weaknesses were also laid out: I'm not good at conflict resolution, much preferring to back out of the conflict. (I suppose that is from years of conflict with NO resolution.) Another weakness was my ability to work with difficult people. (I back away from them to avoid the conflicts that I don't know how to resolve, I suppose.) It was also suggested that I begin to work on my self esteem issues.

I was headed to the library, deep in thought. It is one thing to know your faults, another thing altogether to figure out how to fix these things. I walked past an Asian woman and smiled in a distracted sort of way. Suddenly, she called my name. I turned, confused. "You are Debby ______?" she asked. She remembered me from a tour while I was at the Conservation District. She worked with Tim for a short while at a factory. She introduced herself to me, and then said the most amazing thing. In her heavily accented English, she said, "I am here to learn to write better English. I love your articles. I want to learn to write like you do."


That meeting was darned good for my self esteem.

Late Edit: You know what else is good for my self esteem? Just sitting down with my books. I worked on muscles for several hours tonight, memorizing and making notes, downloading diagrams. I don't feel nearly as hopeless as I did for most of the week.


Bob said...

I believe she was your angel, don't you?

Your strengths and weaknesses are about in line with my own. I detest conflict and am terrible at resolving it. Self aware? Oh my, it's a blessing and a curse.

The Apostle Paul wrote of the "thorn in his side" and how God's power is made perfect in our weaknesses. How incredibly ironic.

Amy said...

just an FYI, "Oriental" is considered derogatory term to describe a person. Asian might be better. Oriental is used to describe decorative arts from Southeast Asia, but not people. e.g. Oriental rug etc. But using the term to describe a person is akin to using "colored" for Africa-Americans.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amy. I live in a fairly homogenous area, and I did not know this. I stand corrected, and I will choose my words more carefully. Again, thanks.

Mary Paddock said...
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Mary Paddock said...

I too recognize the weaknesses as similar to my own. My bet is you will overcome them as you have to.

What a lovely compliment at such a needed time.

jeanie said...

Its funny - you got given a beautiful gift of someone showing you how the world actually sees you.

Such a pity that we (most of us in this world) often see ourselves distorted.