Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tonight I Won

There is a fellow who comes into the store sometimes. I do not like him. He always says, in a sotto voice, that he is friends w/ the manager, and says that they have a deal. Now there are some customers who do get a deal, but they are the ones who buy feed by the pallet, or something like that. This fellow does not come in frequently. I believe that he runs the scam all over town. When he gets a lower price on the dog food at our store, he flashes that receipt all over town to get other stores to match the price. Then after a few months, when other stores refuse to match the price on the months old receipt, he comes back to us, and tells the cashier that he is a friend of the manager's, and starts the cycle all over.

The first couple times that he came in, I gave him the special deal that he claimed he got, although I did not think that he should have gotten it. The manager wasn't there to ask. It always made me feel dishonest because it is not our policy. It made me nervous, but then I never remembered to ask the manager about it, because this fellow is such an infrequent customer. The last time, though, the assistant manager was in, so I talked him and he told me that I should ask the boss how he wanted it handled, and so I did. The manager was shocked, knew nothing about this, did not know the guy, told me not to honor the price.

Anyways, I haven't seen that customer for some time, but lo, tonight he came up to the register. He said, in a very business-like voice, "I'm sure you remember me. Your boss and I have a deal." I looked at him, and explained our policy very clearly. He looked at me. He was surprised. He said, "Your boss told me..." and I said, "I'm sorry but that is incorrect, and this directive is from my boss." We stared at each other, and I have to say as I stood there sticking to my guns, it felt good to do so. He finally said, "Well, then I'm only buying one bag of dog food." I said, pleasantly, that I'd be glad to put the other bag back.


Jayne said...

Well handled, m'dear!

And I love that the cat is getting to know his/her humans so well ;)

Kelly said...

Ha! You called his bluff and won! Good for you (and shame on him).

I just tried to see if it would let me comment using my Blogger account (it lets me on many Blogger sites) and now it tells me my account isn't authorized to view this site!! It use to just try and make me sign in over and over. So...I'll just continue to comment this way. (name/url)

Mary Paddock said...

Way to handle an obnoxious, shifty jerk, Deb.

KarenTX said...

Nice conflict resolution! SEE??? You can do it! :o)