Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Place

Did you ever get to a place where you just feel as if no explanations are necessary? Where you can sit quietly amidst the swirling complaints and negatives, and it simply doesn't matter. You feel no need to speak up, to explain yourself, to correct the narrative as it is recounted by others?

I'm there.

The people that love you will give you the benefit of the doubt. The ones that don't, won't. In the end, the people that love you are the people that matter.

I sit here in the quiet of my own house, and I savor that quiet. I have no desire to let chaos in, and so the door stays shut from it. I am grateful for this place. Mostly, I am grateful for the quiet knocks, for the people that say in a whisper, "Are you okay? Do you want to want to talk?" and I do, so I let them in, and we speak quietly and calmly, and without accusations and pointing fingers.


Kelly said...

I'm so glad you're finding some peace in the midst of turmoil.

A Novel Woman said...

And that, my friend, is the true path to happiness. We cannot control what happens to us, only our reactions to it. Well done. Hang in there.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I am in such a place right now - and there is a black cat here with me, sitting between my keyboard and my monitor.

I'm glad that you have such a place at this moment.

Scotty said...

Glad you've got a good space, Debby - enjoy.


BUSH BABE said...

Good call. You need to grieve your own way, away from that kind of ugliness. Big hugs again.

Jayne said...

(((hugs))) Thinking of you, glad you've found a quiet spot for yourself xxxx