Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Less Stress

Not much to report here. I've got three projects and a test this week, so I've been very busy. I've got one project ready to be handed in, another project will be done today, and the third project (and a test) on Friday.

I was working in a group on manual muscle testing. We have a practical the first week of October, and these practicals are big deals. Now, I'd just made the astounding discovery that I still had one week between now and the practical. That was stunning to me, and mentally, I did a little happy dance, because I've been studying like crazy for this exam, because I thought that it was next week.

Anyways, later that day, Vanessa asked a worried question about the practical, and I responded in a pretty laid back way. Something to the effect of, "Every single class has gone through these practicals and survived to graduate. We're not stupider than any class before us. It'll be fine."

She looked at me, surprised. "What happened to you?" she asked. I looked back at her. "What?" Vanessa has no 'filter'. Have you met people like that? She once said to another class mate, "You know, you're kind of smart," to which the classmate smiled hugely and started to say "Hey, thanks..." before it turned into "Hey...wait a minute..."

So, I said, "What," and I waited a little nervously, because Lord knows what the girl was about to pop out with. She looked at me and said, "You're so calm. Last year, you always had your panties in a bunch about something." All four of us fell across the table laughing.

It's true I suppose. Last year, I had classes every single day, and two of the classes were truly labor intensive classes, and I had to work, and juggle home stuff, and it was awful because I never felt like I had enough time to do my homework, and I was always just feeling sick about something. This year, I attend school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That's it. The days in between, I can work on school stuff. I am a lot more relaxed. It feels nice actually.


Kelly said...

I'm glad it's a calmer semester for you. You deserve that.

I know we've been told before, but just how much more do you have to go before you're through?

Jayne said...

You deserve a calmer time for study, thank goodness you've earned it :)

But, seriously, I got me a worried Teen who has no filter (Aspergers/Autism) and is panicking over parent/teacher meetings when he's aced school so far - copying the other kids without realising why.
I'll lend him your fingernails to gnaw on :P