Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Some folks can leap from their bed and greet the day with a smile. Me? I sort of climb out of bed and stagger down the stairs. Coffee is important to me, and my first stop is always to start the coffee pot. (Yes. The first stop...) That first sip of coffee starts the process. I can feel tiny fingers of alertness uncurling inside of me. By the time that I finish my customary two cups, I am generally ready to amble off to get ready for the day.

This morning was no different. Now I am awake.

Things looked much brighter before I woke up. Stinking coffee.


A Novel Woman said...

Oh, I hear you. I grind my own extra-bold beans every day.


Your sister in roasted bean goodness

Kelly said...

It was one of those "ton of bricks" days when I opened my eyes this morning. If we'll just set our minds where they should be, though, it will be okay. Yes. It will be okay.