Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another Lucky Day

Okay. We're finishing the floors and the second floor is done. Tim has done a beautiful job. They just glow. He'd gone to a local home improvement store, and found an oil based semigloss finish that looked to be the same as we'd begun with, except that this was on clearance, marked down from its normal $40 a gallon to $30. Tim bought a gallon to see if it worked as well as the higher priced stuff we'd bought. Lo. It did. He called me and told me to go buy three more gallons. I did. He went back today, and he bought the remaining 3 gallons. We marvelled over that. It seems like when we need something, we find it on clearance or on sale. It's kind of neat how it happens, and we're always grateful when this happens, because it really seems to happen a lot.

Today, I was working at the store. We've had some stone urns out front that I have coveted for such a very long time. These are heavy suckers, that I can barely carry, probably 18" high, ornate. They'd been reduced from $60 to $35, and then down to $20. I did so want them, but I didn't feel like I could justify spending that kind of money. Things are tight around here after paying for my semester of schooling out of my own pocket. When I went out to bring carts in, a man and a woman were eyeing the stone birdbath. I watched a little enviously, wondering what it would feel like to just spend $20 without thinking about it. Imagine my shock to hear the manager ringing them up on the next register, and saying, "I don't know how we missed this; these are now $9.99." I said, "What?!!! Are you kidding me?!!!!!!!!" I whipped my debit card out of my pocket, and said, "I am so not joking. I want two of those urns." I got two of those massive urns for $19.98, plus tax. Yes. I know. I spent $20 without thinking. I spent the rest of the day feeling guilty about it. Tim was not mad. He was tickled pink. They're really gorgeous.

He stopped by the store to say, "Hey, they've got a sconce on clearance at Lowe's. I think it would match. I don't know." So after work, we charged over there. I didn't like the sconce he'd looked at, and really, we kind of needed two, but I found two gorgeous sconces that did match, and were marked down from $68, to $34. Furthermore, the matching scone was only $17 because it was a display piece. Still reeling from that, we saw a beauty of chandelier for the foyer marked down from $153 to $49. This was exciting stuff, people!

We hauled our finds to the house, and met our neighbors who were as pleased to meet us as we to meet them, and we blabbed for a time. By the time we closed up the house and headed for home, it was so late that we just stopped to grab a bite. We both ordered, paid for our food, only to discover that they did not have any more potatoes (I'd ordered a broccoli cheese potato). So guess who got her sandwich for free?

Seriously. This was the luckiest day ever!


Jayne said...

Bargain day to lift your spirits without hitting the hip pocket ;)

Pencil Writer said...

Awesome! Glad so many good things are happening for you right now! Enjoy.

WhiteStone said...

I am enjoying your excitement of moving into your new home! Love the bargains, too!

Kelly said...

Everything is falling into place!

..and you didn't spend that twenty without thinking about it. You thought about what a great bargain you were getting and that it was meant to be!!

Mikey said...

Boy that IS a lucky day! Lucky all around. I'm so very happy for you that it's all coming together. Now send some that luck this way :)

PaintedPromise said...

so FUN to find what you need on sale!!!