Sunday, August 21, 2011

Valuable life lesson

So, we're painting the downstairs. Tim was trying to decide what color to paint the library. It's a fairly dark room, so he was looking for a lighter color. We carefully looked through the colors. You've got to be careful with Tim, because the man loves orange. After a long discussion before painting a rental, a discussion in which I said, "Tim, really, for a rental, the colors should be a neutral color, something that will blend with virtually any tenant's color scheme." I mean the last thing people want to do is get a rental, and then have to reaccessorize their home to match the apartment, right?

Armed with those admonitions, Tim went out and got the paint for the rental. The next time I saw it, it had a orange kitchen. I kid you not. Orange. Bright, bright orange. An 'MY EYES! MY EYES!' sort of orange.

So anyways, we're discussing colors for the library, and I'm not leaving anything to chance. We're already painting this kitchen yellow. You know fiesta ware yellow? That's what color we're painting the kitchen. Tim picked this color at Perkins Pancake house. He was eating his steak, and staring at his plate in the strangest way. Finally he picked it up and said that he wanted to paint the kitchen the color of his plate. It actually looks pretty nice, despite my initial misgivings. This morning in bed, he said, "You know, wouldn't a blue ceiling be cool? Like the sky?" This is the kind of man he is. Would you leave anything to chance, paint wise? Anyways, we had all these color papers, and we're trying to find something that matches the leather sofa and chairs that will be in the library, and something that is light enough to brighten the room up. I looked at all those papers, and I said, "Light copper is nice." It matched with the furniture, and Tim said, "Yes. I think you are right." And so we spent $31+ on a gallon of light copper paint.

Tim began painting. I forget what I was doing. I walked in to the library to see the progress, which was considerable. Light copper? Heck. This was pastel apricot, thank you very much. I HATE pastels. Long pause. I hated to say anything. After all, it was me that had chosen the color.

"Tim?" I asked. "What do you think of the color?"

"I think it will darken up as it dries," he said. I could tell he was hoping.

I wandered back in and out a couple more times. The more he painted, the worse it looked. He finally admitted that he did not like the color. AT ALL.

Did I mention $31+ for the gallon of apricot paint? This left us in a real quandry. We did not want to throw the money away. "Do you suppose they could darken it a little?" I asked. Tim climbed down the ladder and tapped the lid back on the can. "That's what we need to find out," he said, and he was gone.

I went on doing whatever I was doing. I think by then, I was painting the stairwell between the first and second floor. Soon he's back, and he heads off for the library. I give him like five minutes, and I put my own paintbrush down. I walk in there and he's surveying a wide swath of DARK APRICOT across the fireplace. It looked VERY orange.

We both looked at each other and exclaimed, "NO!!!!" at exactly the same moment. We decided that the library will remain the color that it already is.

When we walked in to get more paint today, the paint lady laughed at our misadventure. She suggested that next time we wanted to try a color, we should get a pint of it first.

Good advice, $31 too late.

So anyone want a can of paint? Because if I don't get rid of this somehow, Mr. Sensible will paint a room somewhere with the hideous color. I'm sorry. I cannot take that chance.


WhiteStone said...

Oh, Debby! Been there! Done that! I once painted a wall chocolate because that was the new "in" color. Pretty hard to re-tint chocolate. lol

Anonymous said...

Do you have a county recycling program? Sometimes they will take paint for others to use. Also if you have any kind of a Habitat for Humanity group near by, they can use it.

Good luck with your projects.


BUSH BABE said...

LOL - okay - what can you add to apricot to make it cool? How about a deep terracotta you can use as a wall in Tim's shed?? Just an idea...

Anonymous said...

Tim's shed! He does so love orange! By george, BB, I think you've done it! You're the best!

Kelly said...

*sigh* My husband insisted on neutral colors when we built our house.

All my bedrooms have glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Great fun!

Bob said...

You know how long I've been threatening to come stay in your guest room . . . yeah, yeah . . . but anyway, paint it orange and I'll be just fine with that. Won't complain a bit.

Bill of Wasilla said...

Yes, all very good, but, where's the cat?

An orange room would look good with a cat in it.

jeanie said...

Nothing wrong with orange.

Feature wall!!

BUSH BABE said...

Glad to be of assistance...