Friday, August 5, 2011

No Time for Insomnia

It's been (what else?) busy here. Cara is home, and she is glad for that. Her lost baggage was found, and two heavy bags were delivered to our doorstep. It turned out to be so convenient that she has vowed to lose her luggage every time that she travels.

We have had company every night, and we've got a houseful coming for a party this weekend. Guests will begin arriving tomorrow, including Dylan and Brittani from Allentown.

I cannot tell you why I'm still awake. This is not a time to become an insomniac, to be sure. Let me try to hit the hay once again.


Bif said...

This is what I use!

Now if I would just play it tonight...

Kelly said...

It's expected that you might be a little busy and distracted at the moment. :)

Enjoy having all your family and friends around you!!