Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just Checking In

It's been quite a busy time here, filled chock-a-block with stuff that I cannot blog. (And you thought that I told you everything......)

Cara's party was nice. About 30 people showed up. I have pictures. I've tried to upload them to my blog, but cannot, for whatever reason. I'll get to it, I'll get to it.

Snippets of conversation from the party:

I heard screaming from the livingroom and came out to find three year old Rachel clinging to her chair for dear life as her cousin, Konnor, tried to push her off. Intervening, I told Konnor, "No! We do not fight here. Here's a chair for you" ~ indicating another wooden chair...a chair that was identical to the one Rachel was sitting in. (Makes sense since they were all from the same dining set.) Konnor gave me a very cross look, kicked the chair away, and ran off to his mother. Rachel sat there holding on to her chair with both hands, her little face red from screaming, tears still wet on her chubby cheeks. Her little pigtails bobbed up and down as she explained to me with her wideopen brown eyes. "There's a vewy tewwible pewson hewe. Vewy tewwible. Vewwy, vewwwwy tewwible. And his name is Konnor. He is ebil." I burst out laughing at her earnestness, and she turned to Rosalind and began to explain, again. "Thewe's a vewy, vewy tewwible pewson hewe. Vewy tewwible...." Oh my gosh. She was adorable.

James and Rosalind got married. The honeymoon included a stay at a romantic hotel with a jacuzzi. They learned first hand that one does not add bubble bath to a jacuzzi.

I was sharing how horrifying it was to hear Cara's 'on her way home' phone calls. From college: "Mom, they've woken us all up and told us to go, go now." (Flooding and mudslides were limiting ground travel.) And then from the bus station: "Mom, the taxi was in an accident, but I made it. The buses are canceled for right now. I'm not sure what's going on." From the airport: "Mom, I may or may not have just sucker punched a Korean bus driver..." You get the drift. It was terrifying waiting for the next installment in the unfolding saga. My sister laughed. She remembered when her son was leaving Korea. "Mom," he said, obviously intoxicated. "I love you mom! I just wanted you to know I looooooooooooove you guys...." We rolled our eyes and laughed at these grown children of ours.

There was plenty of food and plenty of laughter, and people in and out. It was fun to see everyone, and like always, we wondered why we don't do this more often. We should. We always have a good time.

Both Cara and I have lost all financial aid for the year. Ack. But we'll make it. It will be tight, but we'll make it. Still it was quite a shocking discovery.

Had a nice day with Mary. It felt good to get away from all the chaos. We spent the day in Erie. I had the appointment at the Big City Cancer Center. It's going to be a big switch. They seem to take the stand that there is plenty that can be done. First is to rule out a cancer recurrence. PET scan on Friday. After that, they've got a lot of suggestions on what to do next. I find myself feeling optimistic.


quid said...

Oh. no. on financial aid.

Oh. yes. on optimism in dealing with cancer going forward.


Kelly said...

I know life is really busy, but please keep us posted on EVERYthing!


Bill of Wasilla said...

At first, I read this line:

The honeymoon included a stray cat...

then I realized it actually said this:

The honeymoon included a stay ...

Then I read about the bubble bath and the jacuzzi.

Throw two naked people and a stray cat together into all those bubbles and the outcome could prove quite painful...

Anonymous said...

Good luck Deb, is all I can say. Sounds over the top chaotic and busy. Hope you can find a 'quiet' space for your mind in it all. Love Barbx

WhiteStone said...

My last two years of night classes I paid full grants, no assistance. Even tho I was "moderate" income (working full times days, going to school full-time nights) and a single parent, I did not qualify for grants. And the college did not award scholarships to those of us taking classes at their satellite campus. Oh, my, no! Scholarships went only to those on their "real" campus. Now they want me to donate as an alumnus. Silly people. What are they thinking!!!