Friday, August 5, 2011

It's morning here. I did manage to sleep. Now I'm up and the house is quiet. I have a few moments before everyone begins to get up.

Last night I worked. It was a quiet night. I came home and it wasn't long before Cara pulled in, with her friend Jamie. I went to bed to read for a while (Emma ~ it's been a long time since I read that, and I am enjoying it.) Brianna and little William came in, and everyone sat downstairs watching a video. It made me glad to hear pieces of their quiet conversation floating up stairs.

It looks increasingly as if our current house will sell, which means we will be into the new house sooner than we had planned, but, either way, we're in a good place. Which means, if it doesn't sell, we'll stay here for the winter, and we're good with one more winter in the old place. If it does sell, well, the prospect of a Christmas in the new house is exciting. (Yes. I already know where I want to put the tree.)

I've decided to be monitored in the big city, and I have my first appointment on Monday. I'd been wavering for a long time, but I guess what underscored it for me was simply being in constant pain. I'd gone for my regular appointment, and once again, I'm asked to rank my pain. I commented that it was very bad, and the nurse looked at me and said, "but it's just the normal pain, right?" I guess that's it, really, in the nutshell. I'm in pain. I don't see it as normal at all. The only answer they have is to try different pain medications. I can't. The queen of side effects does not have time to be sampling at the great salad bar of prescription medications. I need to finish my courses. I need to drive to get there. I need to be clear headed. I am more interested in knowing what is causing the pain, and making the decision from there.

In the meantime, Dr. Scholls' sneakers are helpful.

So, let me get up and get moving. I've got to get the house squared away, and make the party food. Cara is making bebimbop for supper tonight. I am making marinated venison steaks for those who prefer not to eat spicy Korean food.

It's a busy time, and I love it.


Kelly said...

Already knowing where you'll put the tree is a good thing. :) I've had to move mine around over the years due to different situations, kids, dogs, etc.

Please keep us posted on the doctor visits and what you find out about the pain. ((hugs))

nancyspoint said...

Well, good luck with the appointment. I know what you mean about not wanting to sample from the sald bar of prescription medications. What a perfect description! Sorry about your pain. I hate those pain ranking exercises. What a waste. And normal pain, hmmm. I don't like the sound of that either. Good luck with selling the house. You're a lot like me in that I would know exactly where the tree is going too!