Sunday, July 31, 2011


It was a wonderful day yesterday.

The wedding was just lovely. James looked so happy. They started the ceremony in a way that I'd never seen before. The minister read a piece from James' parents about how much they loved Rosalind, and then he read a piece from Rosalind's family about how much they loved James. Families are a big part of a couple's new life, and I thought that it was a nice touch. I've got pictures, including a great one of William playing with balloons. He loved them.

The shoes that I got worked well. They were soft as slippers. My sister, who is a dancing fool, dragged me out on the dance floor to do the Electric Slide. I suppose, (dear God!) that there are pictures. There is nothing that screams 'wedding reception' louder than old women on the dance floor. Rosalind's family is Filipino, and there was a lovely array of traditional foods at the reception in addition to the nicely catered meal of chicken breasts and porkchops.

Just as we were about to leave the house, we got a call from Cara. She'd been rousted out of her bed in the middle of the night and told to "Go, go, go right now!" It is monsoon season there, and there has been great flooding w/ mudslides. Loss of life. Travel restrictions. To complicate things, the crash of the Asianic cargo plane was fodder for rumor. Cara never says that she is afraid. She admits to stressed. She's been traveling for 12 hours now. Getting anywhere by ground travel was difficult and crowded. She was able to skype from the bus terminal. She was able to skype again from the airport. She was able to skype just before boarding for Beijing. She made it. She is currently in the air and on her way home. How do I spell relief? A-S-I-A-N-I-C flight.

I am almost done with the last question of my homework. (Sounds like a minor detail, but it is not...that assignment had 30 questions and some of those questions took a half hour to answer.) I got interrupted by events out of my control.

It was a great day. When I finally got to bed last night, my feet and legs were killing me, and I laid awake for a couple hours before dozing off, but know what? It was worth it.

I'll post pictures, but for right now, I've gotta get ready for work.


Scotty said...

Glad you had a good time and glad to hear that Cara is okay.


Bob said...

A great day, indeed. Will anxiously await news for Cara's arrival on American soil!

Kelly said...

Glad that you reported on the day's events and look forward to hearing that Cara is home safe and sound!

jeanie said...

I will hold my Hooray until you say Cara is in your sight, but thoughts and prayers for that to happen safely and soon.

The best thing about a wedding is when you get that feeling that these people are really good for each other.

BUSH BABE said...

Echoing Jeanie's sentiments here. Is Cara TRYING to get some fodder for that blog of hers? Heh. Will add to the collective sigh of relief when you sight her properly!

Hope the legs feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the others.

"is nothing that screams 'wedding reception' louder than old women on the dance floor" - Did you do the chicken dance? DavidM

Anonymous said...

Dear heavens! They do the chicken dance in Australia too?

No, David M I did not do the chicken dance. I managed to escape during the Macarena. (a'right?)I hid from my sister behind a huge bunch of balloons. She did not find me. We did do the couples dance. Tim and I were one of the three last couples on the dance floor. The competition was fierce. The couple married the longest was married 20 years longer than we were.

Latest fodder for Cara's blog? All of her luggage is gone. All of it.

quid said...

Best wishes on Cara's safe return!