Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today at the Tractor Supply

Mikey's posted a few pictures of Mercy on her blog. When Mercy is giving her an ornery look, she refers to it as 'getting the stink eye'. Makes me laugh.

So I'm working at the store, and a woman pushes her cart up, stacked high with feed. A little girl maybe three years old is sitting on top of the feed, and if ever was a body giving the stink eye to the world, it was this one. I laughed a little at the expression on her face, and her mother shook her head, explaining that the child had just woken up.

As I was scanning the prices, the girl sat there planted in the middle of the feed. Noticing that one of the bags was dog food, I said, "Do you have a doggie at your house?" She smiled a little at that. "Yes," she said. Encouraged, I said, "So what's your doggie's name?"

She looked at me with her bright blue little eyes, and she said, "His name is Remington. But sometimes we call him Darn-it."

I just about fell over.


Mikey said...

You gotta love the kids :) Lol, they say the funniest stuff!!

Kelly said...

Seems like Bill Cosby had a routine along those lines back in the day that made me laugh. A friend of mine always said he was gonna name his dog "Heanh" (as in "Here") so he could go outside and holler "heanh, Heanh!"

I'm quite familiar with the "stink eye".

Mary Paddock said...

"Hello. My name is 'No-no Bad Dog.' "


jeanie said...

he he he he he he!!

'Salina at one stage thought the vacuum was called "b!00dy thing" because she heard Mummy call it that ONCE. She referred to it that way for months after.