Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tim and I Scrap

Tim and I rarely argue. We disagree on stuff, but generally speaking, it works out fairly quickly.

But Tim does have one habit that aggravates me, and we had quite a scrap about it.

By the time we are done, this scrap will be a $5000 scrap.

A big deal.

See, Tim has a habit of collecting cars. Cars that no one else wants.

He tows them home.

He tells me, "There's a lot of good parts on this car..."

Sometimes he'll use the parts. Sometimes he sells the parts. Sometimes, he gives the parts away, because, really, despite everything, he really is a very nice person.

A generous soul.

Sometimes I'll say to him, "Honestly, Tim, someday, I'm going to count cars, and I'm going to be pretty upset at you."

He laughs.

He doesn't believe me.

Even if he did, I don't think it would much matter.

However now someone wants to buy our house.

The cars have got to go.

And his piles of scrap?

They gotta go too.

Let the scrapping begin!

Our truck and the car we're towing in has just been driven off the scale. It is big enough to drive on to. It says that we are are 9240 lbs. This car belonged to a young friend of ours who crashed it. She was a college student. Tim felt sorry for her and gave her a car in exchange for her crashed vehicle.
The car is picked up off our car dolly. Tim has just unloosed the straps. It is carefully set off to the side. Back on the ground again, so that Tim and I can remove all four lugnuts from the tires. Once removed, the crane comes back down. And once again, the car is picked up. The car is shook until the loosened rims and tires fall off. and then it is lifted up and out of the way. Tim is scooting back in to pick up the wheels and tires. They'll take the car with the tires on, but they deduct an extra $25 per tire. We'll bring those tires home, cut them off the rim, take the tires to be recycled, and bring back up another truckload of nothing but rims. And then car is raised to the top of the already massive pile. ... and dropped at the top of the heap. Catalytic converters: did you know they contain platinum?

Big money in catalytic converters.
We've got eight or so.

Tim drives back on the scale, and we are weighed again, without the car and the scrap on the back of the truck. The difference is 3000 lbs. We drive out of there with a check for nearly $500.

Just like that.

We've hauled three loads to the scrap yard.

Embarrassingly enough, we've got several more loads to do, but we're making about $100/per hour doing this work.

Those cars out behind the garage?

Not as mad as I used to be.

City ordinance will prevent him from pulling this when we move.

I am ever so grateful for this city ordinance.


quid said...

Funny, awesome post. Looks like you have a small windfall, and no chance of this happening again.

I really prefer this, assuming you have land and no deed restrictions, to my ex's collecting passion... guns.


Kelly said...

Interesting! ...and educational!

Anonymous said...

Quid ~ he's got a whoooooole bunch of them too.

Mikey said...

Wow, I had no idea! Platinum? I learn something new every day. I was thinking as I read this, this is a LOT of work, but then I read the payout and I'm thinking, why didn't I collect cars? That's something else. Great post!

Mary Paddock said...

We have scraps too. Only they're usually over old appliances which I only recently made him see as a source of dollars. Though I must say that what you made way overshot our haul.

steviewren said...

Whooo Hoooo....finally a payoff for living with the scrap! It sounds like a nice day's work from the amount of the check.

Anonymous said...

Just one trip. We can get two or three of the checks per day.