Saturday, July 30, 2011

This and That, Once Again.

A guy came into the store looking hot and bedraggled and with a bloody nose. "Gees," I said, looking at him, "what'dya do? Snot off to the wrong person?" He looked at me surprised. "Why?" I looked back at him, just as surprised. "Well, to start with your nose is bleeding..." He looked a little dazed. "Is it?" "Uh-huh," I said. He tells me that he was mowing his lawn, and a rock came up and hit him in the face. He did not realize that his nose was bleeding. I said, "My friend, you fought the lawn, and the lawn won." He said, wearily, "I need a shower..." and he dragged out the door with his chicken feed. Poor guy.

I went shopping. I'm having the most excruciating time with my feet. Tim and I are going to my nephew's wedding tomorrow (James and Rosalind). I had to find a pair of flat shoes. I found a pair of shoes that look like ballet flats. I think they will work with my dress. I found myself looking at sexy bras and really longing to wear something like that. I can't. I'm lopsided. Flopsy and Notsy. I contemplated stuffing one side. I don't know. I guess that I have to work up to that. I dread the thought that my husband might find me 'hot', only to get me home and watch me pull the stuffing out of one side. That would be a real turn on, hey? *winces* But anyway, I have a nice pair of shoes to wear that hopefully, will allow me to even get a couple dances in with my husband.

I will spend most of the day with Buddy and Brianna and wee William. I'm looking forward to that too.

I came home and I worked on my homework for three hours. The good news is that I only have three more questions. I will work on them after the wedding and the reception tomorrow, and turn them in (hopefully) Saturday night. It is due Monday, but I will be driving to pick up my Cara. I have not seen her since March, and that is the longest we have gone without seeing each other. I am excited about that reunion too.

So that's it really. Good night all.


Jayne said...

Hope the shoes are comfy and you all have a lovely time :)

BUSH BABE said...

HAve fun - and give Brianna and Cara hugs for me!

Kelly said...

Hope everything is going well today and your feet aren't hurting!

Lots of exciting stuff for you in the next few days! :)

Bob said...

What a wonderful reunion it will be w/ your baby girl! Enjoy!