Thursday, July 14, 2011

Take One Life, Stir Vigorously

It's been a busy week. I've worked every day, even put in a couple long days. Last night, I treated myself. Brianna and I went out for supper. I got some time with her and William. It was the first time that we'd ever gone out with the baby, and it was a lot of fun to walk around carrying a baby. It was nice to talk.

Tonight, I worked on my Abnormal Psychology. It is a challenge to sift through the information yourself, and draw your own conclusions to answer the questions. I worry about whether I am doing it right. I have no classmate to turn to. It is just me. I have 27 questions to answer by next Friday. I worked hard tonight, answering only seven questions, but filling three pages. Ack.

In a stunning turn of events, a couple is interested in buying our house. We've not advertised it. It's not ready. The excited wife explained that they are interested in fixing it up the way they want. They've been driving by, hoping to see a "For Sale" sign go up. "We just think it's so beautiful." They are coming to look at the inside this weekend.

Who hit the fast forward button on my life?

I'm working hard, Tim's working even harder, and somehow, between the two of us, we manage to keep up. Just barely.

Yeah. I'm amazed too.

Funny story from the store:

I hadn't seen the couple with the white dog for some time. I was glad to see him in the store. "Where's your wife? Where's your dog?" I said looking around. He rolled his eyes. "The dog got excited, jumped in the front seat and smacked my wife in the mouth. She's bleeding and the two of them are in the Jeep pouting." I had just gotten off work, so I walked out to the parking lot to visit with her. Yup. She had quite a fat lip. I had a biscuit for the dog, and for the first time, she took it from my hand. So I hung over the driver side window visiting for a while.

Soon, the husband came out the door with the part he'd come for, so I said my good byes, and headed for my car. The husband is seldom at a loss for words, so he made one smart aleck comment. I turned back and hollered, "You just shush. I saw that poor woman's fat lip. She's so embarrassed she didn't even dare come in the store. You're a brute!"

A couple people stopped to stare. He was speechless, just for a moment, but long enough for his wife and I to burst into laughter. He shook his head. "The two of you are too much."

And remember the W's? Cripes. Two days after I wrote my post, he was life-flighted, suffering a near fatal heart attack. But he's back home now, doing better. Mrs. W was so traumatized by the experience that I couldn't bring myself to ask her the first thing that popped into my mind: "Okay...did you find 12 cents in his pants pocket, or what?" I'm sure glad that things have settled down for them though, and that, friends, is no joke.


Tammy said...

Which house? The one you are in now or the one you are fixing up? I hope you keep the one you are fixing up. I have enjoyed reading about your discoveries with it. We redid an old house 20 years ago. Wouldn't do it again, but sure was a special time.

Anonymous said...

The house in the woods. The one we were going to sell next spring.

Jayne said...

Crikey, you're kept on your toes, alright!

A Novel Woman said...

Gee, your life is so boring.

Kelly said...

That's great that you already have a nibble on your house! Things are falling into place.

Bob said...

Let me know if you can ever figure out to reverse "fast forward." I feel like I've been on that for quite a while.