Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pray for that Child.

I want you all to pray for a little boy today.

I am not sure what started it, but as I was running checkout, a couple scum bags were there with a young boy. The one snarled at the child, "You wanna do pushups? 'Cause I'm about there...I'll beat your &)^(*%^$ a&^. I was a little shocked and stared. The man went on, "And let somebody call the cops and when they show up I'll smash their *&%$*&% faces in..."

People were beginning to stare. The store was crowded.

"Hey," I said. "That's enough." Quietly, but firm. We don't talk like that in the Tractor Supply.

He started popping off big time then. He wasn't coming back to the Tractor Supply. Not any of 'em, unless he had some C4, he tells us. I was in the Army. I understood that he was threatening to blow up the store. I wasn't scared. I didn't believe it, but you don't threaten. Not in this day and age. You don't talk like that.

"That's enough," I said. "Get out of my store." (where'd that come from?) He started mouthing again, and I told him, "Get out of my store, right now, or I'm calling the police myself."

He mouthed off a bit more. Foul mouthed egotistical pseudo-military idiot. "I'm claiming my first amendment rights," he said loudly. I yelled right back, "I'm claiming my own first amendment rights: Get out of my store because I will call the police."

I heard the little boy say "I'm sorry," to his father, and it stopped me cold in my tracks.

The confrontation attracted a lot of attention, and many customers came up to tell me how well I'd handled it. "Good for you, by God!" they said. "That was a good thing to see," another said. "Excellent." Over and over, I heard people telling me that I'd done a good job.

I didn't. I did not do a good job.

A little boy went out that door with a lunatic, and I can tell you exactly who's going to pay the price for that confrontation.

Pray for that little boy.

I should have called the police.


quid said...

My prayers are with him.

So many of these sociopaths hide their true natures in society, and wreak havoc on their families in the privacy of their own homes.

Keep thinking good thoughts, Deb. You were great, standing up like that.


Scotty said...

Yes, good for you for standing up to a bully - you can still call the police or child protective services if you believe the little boy is in danger, can't you?

Anonymous said...

No, Scotty, I can't. I have no name. I have no license number. I have no information.

I can't tell you how sick I feel about this. Truly sick.

Anonymous said...

A few days since I have been online so had a few of your stories to catch up with...

First, I was shocked and stunned by your encounter with the thug and his little boy. Some people need to have their children removed from them at birth before they can damage them too much physically and emotionally - but that would be anti-liberal wouldn't it? I ache for the little boy and fear that he will grow up - if he does - as a replica of the 'father'. Actially, the word father does not seem to fit with the image of 'that man' - not my idea of true manliness either.

It used to be possible here in Australia to report such a child as being in danger and authorities could step in sometimes and remove them from the parents. Sometimes that was not always a happy ending but more than if they had not. Not sure whether that is done very much these days - not before a lot of damage is done anyway. Children should not be brought into the world for their parents to abuse them at their whim. A difficult one, but very hard to ignore.

Your house/home is really looking up beautifully. What a lot of hard work but so rewarding. Hope Tim's finger recovers.

All the best Barb

Cara said...

If he paid in credit or debit, call the cops now. Even if not, I'd still call them. Prayer isn't good enough.

Mikey said...

I'm with Cara. Does the store have cameras? If he threatened to blow up the store, the police WILL find him. Call them anyway, tell them what happened. I know your conscience, and I know you won't rest until you do. I still think you did good, kicking them out. Damn I hate to see things like that. Makes me ill.

Jayne said...

(((hugs))) Don't blame yourself, that mongrel was looking for a fight whether with you or the child or a policeman.
He's a bully and going to end up pissing off the wrong person very soon :(

Mary Paddock said...

Ooh! I like Mikey and Cara's ideas. Call the cops Deb. Tell them what you do remember.

Kelly said...

This gave me shivers. All I can do from my end is say a prayer. That's what I'm doing.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I agree - you should have called the police. And I think that if you haven't yet, you had still better. They might be able to figure out who he is. And he could still be a danger not only to the boy but to you and the store.

Call the police. Don't wait. Call them now.

BUSH BABE said...

With Cara - call them anyway. Someone needs to have it on record somewhere that this idiot has a child in his care. Sometimes they can only act if someone has been brave enough, somewhere, to put SOMETHING on the record...

I am praying too Debby - I feel ill just thinking about it.

Brianna said...

I'm with Cara, Mom... call them anyways, it's amazing what they can do with the technology they have these days. It might not be too late. Praying for that boy... hope he'll be okay. This just made me cry, can't understand how people could treat their kids that way. If I EVER treated William like that, I hope someone would do something about it! Love you! :)

Anonymous said...

"That's enough," I said. "Get out of my store." (where'd that come from?)

it came from your kind,loving, and courageous heart. I've prayed for the boy and you and yours. DavidM