Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, I started out this morning with a few hours of work. Then I headed home to feed Tim. Then I headed down to the house to work for the afternoon.
This probably makes it a little clearer why every room in that 13 room house needed to be scrubbed. The house really was dirty. I'm glad to say that I 've done all the rooms on the first floor. I've got one room left on the second, and then the two rooms on the third floor. I will then, finally, be done scrubbing.
Remember this?
By the time that I was done, today, it looked like this.

This.... looks like this. Terrible picture, but you can see the gleaming woodwork, right? Just say yes. I worked hard.

The old cast iron plumbing has been knocked out and replaced. One new commode is in place, the other will go in tomorrow. There is still painting that needs to be done, and each room has a splotch that needs repairing where the old cast iron radiators once stood. But painting is being done. We are talking about renting a floor sander next week.

And Bill? I did try to take a picture of that cat, but he did not come to see me this evening. I will keep my camera handy.


Now I'm drinking wine and watching a chick flick while folding laundry. It was a nice day.


A Novel Woman said...

Wow, well done! I can smell the lemon scent from here.

Jayne said...

What a huge difference your elbow grease has made!
Hope you've got your feet up, a good rest is well deserved!

Mikey said...

You've done a fabulous job! This is such a great house :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work Debby!

Kelly said...

Sparkling clean!!! I'm quite impressed! Love that old bathtub, too. :)

Bill of Wasilla said...

You did good, but, damnit! There is supposed to be a cat lounging about in those pictures!

A cat has presented itself to you!

Where the hell is it????

I want to see the cat!

What do I have to do - come there and photograph it myself?

Bill of Wasilla said...

Okay - I'm sorry. I see you are going to. I have a headache. I first read your statement as, "I will keep my brandy ready." I did not know how that was going to help you get the picture.

Now I see it was not "brandy," but "camera."

Okay - I'll be patient. For a few minutes more.

jeanie said...

Enjoy your wine!!

Anonymous said...

I would, but I'm thinking that Bill drank it. When he couldn't find the brandy ~ debby

quid said...

Loved the before and after pics!