Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th Weekend

A couple weeks ago, I had company. An old school mate came with five teenagers. It wasn't for long...four days, I think. It was fun, but it flew by, and there was no time for everything I'd hoped to get in. I had a test at school, I was working. I had a paper due. All in the same week. Ack.

But still, it was fun. When they left, we sent along two laptops. One of the teenagers with her was a refugee. Rebels came looking for his father, and attempted to torture the information out of his mother, in full sight of her children. The young boy cut his mother down when they left, and he kept his family safe as they made it to safety. It is assumed that his father was murdered, since they've had no word of him since that day. Say what you will about refugees. I will tell you that I loved that boy. I'm glad he's here. Furthermore, I'm glad his family is here. We sent my friend back with two laptops, Cara's old one, and older one we'd purchased some time back. Pauline's downloaded educational games for the preschoolers (which the mother is also earnestly working at, despite the fact that she does not have full use of either hand.) The other laptop went to the oldest girl, Elodie, as her own, which is breathtakingly grand.

I received a box today. It had a Kobo e-reader in it. I was completely shocked by such a thing. I'd been playing with their e-readers, and, much to my surprise, I discovered that I would like one, despite the fact that I'd previous spoke passionately about the heft of a book, and the smell of the pages, and the joy of turning pages, etc. Each of her children has one, and I saw them. I coveted, secretly. I mean, it's an extravagance. It's not something I'd have ever done for myself. Yet she did it for me. I'm reading Anna Karenina right now. I love that thing. Really. I still cannot believe that I have one of my own.

Today was the funeral of my friend. She had such a laugh. You've no idea, really. Her laugh was expansive and wonderful and joyous. It was not a rare thing, not while she was alive. And now she is gone. I won't hear that laugh again.

I am still sad, but I am not mad, not any more.

Life is short, you know? Things will be different. I got my hair styled for the first time in a while. I got it colored. I laughed with friends today, and I hugged my dead friend's grandchildren. I've had all of them in Sunday school, at one time or another. All of them. I found myself looking around at the church overflowing, and I realized that those grandchildren have scores of grandmothers. We've watched them grow up before our eyes. That made me feel better.

Well. It's the July 4th weekend. We are spending our first night at the new house. There will be wine. And fireworks. Let me get up from this computer and get living.

Catch you on the flip side.


Kelly said...

Wow! I didn't realize you already had the house ready for occupancy!! Furnished? ...or are you taking sleeping bags. :)

I admire you Debby. I would have been totally stressed out having that much company along with all the "life stuff" you had going on that week.

Mary Paddock said...

You will love your Kobo more as you go along. Gary got my Kindle for me as a late Christmas present back in March. I still adore books (no batteries needed), but that Kindle? It's like crack for readers. Free classics as far as the eye can see and inexpensive fiction when I can spare two or three dollars. Also--I've found a couple of text books I'll need this fall in Ebook form and significantly cheaper than the hard copies.

Love the story about the kids you sent the laptop home with.

Happy 4th, Deb.

BUSH BABE said...

This whole post made me emotional. I love that you pack so much in (a woman after my own heart) and love so much. Your funeral story in particular made me smile. That and the thought of you and Tim in that house. *chink*

BUSH BABE said...

Oh yay on the house - and thank you for your stories, all of your stories above. A little whisper in the direction of maybe one day having a Debby book able to read on an electronic reader...

Jeanie (stealing BB's login)

Scotty said...

Lovely story, Debby, just what I needed to start the day. You know what it made me think of? Given that there is often a lot of crap on TV, it made me think that you be a great presenter/host for a new TV show about nice people and the things that nice people do (like giving away old computers) without expectation of a reward. What we call such a show? I dunno, the Altruist Alcove, or something?


Mikey said...

What a horror story for that family. I'm glad you're part of the village that watches out for ALL these kids.
Congrats on your first night in the new house. I'm so very happy for you. Happy 4th of July!

A Novel Woman said...

Lovely, lovely post. Happy July 4th. I wish you and yours all the best in your new home. I'm so happy for you!

Bill of Wasilla said...

You're right. Life is short. I was going to make a long, insightful comment about refugees and the Fourth of July, but I will grab my oldest grandson and take him to Taco Bell instead.

Bob said...

Starting July 4 with a good cry. But that's OK I seem to do that a lot these days. Susan and I look at each other and one of us will say something about the wedding or David leaving for college in a few weeks and we start up. Good for the soul.