Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dear Cat:

That cat was back at the new house today. He studied me from in front of the garage. "Here kitty kitty," I said, and he approached me, warily. I spoke to him, and he began to wind around my legs. I was a little surprised. I was even more surprised when I reached down and petted him, and he pushed up against my hand. So. I picked him up and cuddled him while rubbing beneath his chin. I noticed that he did not purr, but he seemed to enjoy being held.

Since we now are on friendly terms, I feel more at ease about approaching this delicate subject.

Dear Cat:

Tim and I both love asparagus. That little patch there? That's where we planted the asparagus. If you could find a different place to crap, it would make both of us very happy.

Thank you.


Mrs.Spit said...

I have a solution to this, that also is the solution to something else - a challenge you did not realize you had.

Bring the cat in. Feed it. Buy it a litter box and put it in the basement.

Asparagus is saved, as is the cat.

(face it, the cat has picked you as its new human's)

Alternatively, you could place large hole chicken wire above the asparagus and slightly cover it with dirt. The chicken wire will keep the cat off and the asparagus will grow through.

Mary Paddock said...

Try burying some orange or lemon peel. Cats aren't crazy about citrus fruit. Or if you prefer, wood chip or walnut shell mulch will help too (looks nice as well). The idea is to make it difficult to dig in.

WhiteStone said...

While you're at it, add a postscript...."do not eat baby birds!"

Bob said...

What Mrs. Spit said, the first part. You have yourself a cat. The cat is going to live with you (that's what cats do). Congratulations.

Caroline said...

The cat has adopted you.

Jayne said...

You are now the proud belongings of a cat.
Resistance is futile.
Give in gracefully and save yourselves the energy of fighting the inevitable ;)

jeanie said...

You can BUY asparagus - a cat's affection, however?

Well yes, you can buy that too.

BUSH BABE said...

LOL - and can you tell Jeanie and I grew up in a home OWNED by a cat (we were just tenants really).