Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cara Weighs in on Bears.

Cara sent me an e-mail: "Yeahh. Your bear problems aren't over yet."














Yeah. Okay. That there? That's a bear problem. We don't have a bear problem.

A girl at work insisted that "someone up there is feeding the bears." I didn't say much. I don't know anyone who is. She continued to spout her opinion that someone had to be, because the bears are accustomed to humans, in her words. She claimed that she was riding across the road on her horse and came upon a bear who just stood there looking at her. 'This was very bad," she said. 'He wasn't afraid', she said. She also claimed he was a great big bear. Everyone claims that the bear they see are huge. I don't know why. Usually, it's not even true.

First of all, a bear has very poor eyesight. Great sense of smell. He probably smelled the horse, didn't see the human on his back.

Second of all, feeding bears is just plain stupid. I don't know of anyone that stupid up here.

Third of all, she didn't know anything for a fact, and I was not going to start conjecturing about something that was based on her flimsy suspicions.

She said, "Surely you are having problems with them too."

"No," I said. "We've got one small one that came around three times in one day, and a couple days before that. We see them around, but we don't have any problems with them."

"You don't have any problems with them."


I continued working. Finally she said, "Well who do you think it is?"

It was starting to get annoying. I am not going to stand around and start naming names. Especially since I'm not seeing any evidence of a major problem. I told her that I did not have a clue who was feeding the bears, or even IF anyone was feeding the bears, and I sure was not going to start accusing anyone of feeding the bears.

I was talking to Tim tonight. I found myself beginning to wonder: was she implying that we fed bears?


Anonymous said...

Some people just keep fishing; they don't know when to stop.

Jayne said...

yep, some people just have nothing better to do than to try to start trouble.
Ignore her.

Cara said...

I would have said yes, we and the neighbors feed them every Tuesdays. I hear they call it trash day downtown.

Anonymous said...

When we humans no longer control their numbers....deer, coytes, bears, wolves, whichever, their sheer overpopulation to the area they need to forage and live causes problems to guess who.

Mrs.Spit said...

it must be a more southernly thing. Bears in Northern Alberta/BC are a big problem. Whether they are brown, black, grizzly, they are quite dangerous (And no one feeds them except tourists, and we do our best to stop them)

It's strange to see a bear that is this small and so not concern worthy (a male grizz is approaching a ton, a male brown or a male black will run between 5-7 feet long, about 5 feet at the shoulder and they weigh between 5-800 pounds.

They can be very agressive, especially if you get between a mum and cubs (hikers, runners and bikers are mauled each year)

I'm glad yours as smaller and more placid.

Kelly said...

Ditto what Jayne said....and Cara!

quid said...

I've enjoyed your "bear travails"!!!