Friday, June 10, 2011

Random, for Bush Babe

This is the side walk that goes between the big maples (to the left) and the poor overgrown gardens, to the right.
Remember the roses that I told you about, that were so heavenly smelling. Really. I want to pick them all and dry the petals, like they did in the old days.
Here's a lock on a huge glass fronted cabinet thing in the house. Tim wants to throw it out. I'm trying to figure out what we could use it for. It is just so heavy I can't even slide it by myself. But the lock is a clever little thing, and I've never seen anything like it. The little lever on the left flips up so that the whole thing swivels up and down. Have you ever met someone who would try to keep a cabinet because she likes the lock on it? Now you have. Hi. I'm Debby.
This is the light in the foyer. It's broken. It will have to be replaced. I'm so glad about that, because really, it saves me from having to break it myself, some day.
That is one ugly light.

Remember the stairs were covered with Berber carpet? Filthy dirty berber carpet that we had to throw out. This is what's under the berber carpet on the stairs. It made us feel better about ripping out the carpet. Yep. I got to get to work on the tack strips. I removed tack strips from five rooms and the hall upstairs.
I am excited about this clawfoot tub. I have not even thought of bathing in it yet. Tim has the ceiling ripped out of the bathroom and is replacing plumbing and wiring. That is why there is a roll of pex (plex? eh. I'm the cleaner not the plumber) tubing on the floor. I suppose that this shot would have looked better had I removed the toilet brush from the front of the tub. But have you ever seen a toilet that has set full of water for a couple years. Yeah. I did not take a picture of that, but had I done so, you'd know exactly why there was a toilet brush hanging in the bathtub. I must have a functional toilet. But back to the tub. I love this tub.
I probably should have taken a picture of the floor before I cleaned it. Someone had looked at this house before the city came in a removed the junk. They said there were just piles of garbage bags everwhere you looked. Waist deep. He said the house was so full of garbage on the first and second floors that he just walked out. He was amazed that we had bought it. The first floor has glass doorknobs and brass fittings on every single door.
Close up of the french doors that the living room from the foyer. It is interesting to note that there were 9 wooden doors with glass panes on the first floor. Out of all of them, only 1 window pane was broken. That on the french door that opens into the bedroom.
This is a detail from the lightin the livingroom. I removed one of the crystal thingamabobbies so that you could see the detail on it. Well, as best you can with someone who is not a photographer, anyway.
This is that cute little stone walkway that I unburied I still have about 14 million little maple trees to get out of there, but I think that it is really sweet. It goes to the side of the carriage house.
Just a few pictures to get Bush Babe of my back.
Photographers always want more pictures!


Kelly said...

Love that tub and the glass doorknob (and the door it's on)!!

A Novel Woman said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this house! Everything about it. It reminds me of a poor neglected dog at the pound, undernourished with matted fur and maybe not looking its best so people just walked on by. But you came along and saw its potential and beauty underneath all that dirt so you gave it a nice bath and some love and look, just look at that puppy now!

I agree with you regarding the lock. It's those little things that make a house special. Maybe some WD40 would loosen it up?

Anonymous said...

Oh, no, the lock works perfectly. It's just that it's attached to this huh-uge glass fronted cabinet that stands taller than me, and is as wide as it is tall, and that is the thing that I can't slide. Tim would like it gone, but I really do love the lock. And I don't know where to put the cabinet. Or how to get it there... But that lock is just the cutest thing, and well...

Like I said, if you never met someone who would keep a monstrous cabinet just because she liked the lock, well now you have. Hi. Again, my name is Debby.

R Phillips said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharint! You know we're neighbors now? Don't throw the lock away - if nothing else my son could find some use for it. He makes art from found objects. Can't wait to meet your new home!

R Phillips said...

I mean sharing...not sharint. :)

Anonymous said...

I know what you meant...It did occur to me that we would be neighbors, sort of. If you are ever out walking and see a vehicle there, stop in. I'm still find it hard to believe that I am voluntarily moving down town...but really. I do so love this house.

Reb said...

What a find under the dirty stair carpet! Those are going to be amazing.!
You are keeping the crystal light right?! That detail is impossible to find anymore.
Looks like years of work, but man, what a house you are going to have :)

Anonymous said...

yep. The crystal light stays. Tim rewired one that we took from the boys' house. We put that in one of the rentals though. So, now I have one of my very own. We both love these sorts of things, so no worries about that, Reb.

quid said...

Wonderful pics! It feels like you both are really enjoying the "beautifying". I love the tub. The toilet brush adds perspective.


jeanie said...

The toilet brush adds a story - hence the reason it had to stay in shot.

Love the house and the finds that are going with it.

steviewren said...

Debbie, take the lock off the cabinet and hang it on the wall in a frame. Then you can feel good about letting the cabinet go. I have a doorknob like yours hanging on my bedroom wall as part of a grouping. I love it.

Your new home would be just the type of house I would buy if I had the money and someone handy to help me fix it up.

PaintedPromise said...

amazing Debby, just amazing... can't wait to see what else you uncover!!!