Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More coffee, please.

Take five kids, an old school pal, freight night at the store, and a woman who wanted to get home early. Add to that mix the news that our assistant manager's last day is tomorrow, one pizza party, 101 pages of reading that I was trying to finish, and what have you got?
You've got a woman that worked like crazy stocking and putting freight away. She is so sore that she can barely walk. The reading assignment that she meant to do on break did not get done, because she was joining her voice to the many praises of said assistant manager. I got off work at 10 PM, came home to an excited house of teenagers sprawled watching Mrs. Doubtfire, and then stayed up too late. Then and only then did that woman go to bed to read her assignment.
1 AM is way too late when the alarm goes off at 6.
Moral of the story: There is not enough coffee in the world. Gads. I think that I am going to die.


A Novel Woman said...

I read that quickly and stopped to wonder what exactly is a "crazy stocking" figuring it was some expression from your parts of the country. Then I realized it was a verb not a noun.

If you have teenagers happy to be watching Mrs. Doubtfire, you done raised 'em good.

cara said...

Are Pauline's kids seriously teenagers?!

quid said...

It's a fact that there IS enough coffee in the world. Finding it, before expiring from the lack of it, is the challenge.


BUSH BABE said...

Mrs Doubtfire! We watched it on the weekend... snap! I do that kind of thing all the time. You will catch up the sleep soon. And in the meantime I have a coffee brewing here for you on Mr I's birthday present. How many sugar?

Kelly said...

Hope you found some coffee...and plenty of it!! You'll catch up on the sleep. Eventually.

Kelly said...

Oh...and remember chocolate will do in a pinch. It's just takes way more of it than coffee! Plus you get that additional sugar high.

Jayne said...

I'd send you some of the spare time I've got but it tends to slip away without me noticing ;)

Bill of Wasilla said...

You made me wish that I had ordered pizza tonight.

Get some sleep!