Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I had the very nicest day. I scrubbed walls. I scrubbed the bedroom, the foyer, the livingroom, and half the library. I polished the wood on four sets of french doors. I loved watching the grain of the wood emerge as I polished, and I saw the old tool marks and wondered about the hands of the craftsman. What was he like? Who was he? I cleaned the small panes of glass. They are still pretty streaked though...I discovered that using cheap paper towels for cleaning glass is a false economy. The glass doorknobs really cleaned up beautfully and are a nice touch. I walked around just opening and closing the doors and admiring the way everything gleamed and sparkled in the sun.

I scraped old wall paper too. Each place where the broken radiators had been pulled left a patch of old and peeling layers of wallpaper. I scrubbed and then scraped the paper, looking at the old patterns and day dreaming about the people who loved the house before me, even dreaming about the people who will love it when I am gone.

I also scrubbed two of the hardwood floors on my hands and knees. It is just the first scrubbing, but still so much grime came off the floor that it really was remarkable, and I found myself sitting in the foyer admiring the wet and shiny floor. I got a glimpse of what the floors will look like when they are sanded and refinished. The dark wood will shine once again. I cannot wait.

I removed all the curtains from the first floor and brought them home to be washed. I'm not sure that I will keep all of them, but at least they will be clean. I took down the broken shades and threw them on the truck. I scrubbed down scores of spider nests. I swept and scrubbed and plainly wore myself out, but what a difference! I stepped outside to through some things on the truck and came back in the foyer. I sniffed the air, the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap mingling with the smell of the cleaner. I actually went back out the door and entered again just to sniff the air again.

Tim worked along side of me this morning. He was doing some wiring, little plumbing. He cleaned some gutters that he believes are directing water into the basement when it rains. He had to go to work and went home to lunch and get ready. I stayed until five, scrubbing and emptying buckets of black soapy water, refilling and scrubbing some more. I got home just before his break, and waited for his call. He was amazed at what I had gotten done. We'd planned to spend our first night in the new house on the 4th of July, but were not sure if that was realistic. We've still got plenty to do, but it is possible. It is completely possible.


BB said...

Ooohhhhh... she's beginning to wake up and shine again, that house of yours... more pics please!

Bob said...

Very exciting! What an Independence Day celebration you will have!

Kelly said...

I like the smell of Murphy's Oil Soap!!

A Novel Woman said...

I'm not sure why, but reading about your new home and all the preparations, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love it. I really do.

Mrs.Spit said...

Ammonia and newsprint works wonders on windows!

This was so wonderful to read.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. It reminded me of the zen cleaning house metaphor of cleansing one's mind in order to obtain enlightenment. And I second Mrs Spit's the ammonia and newsprint recommendation. DavidM

jeanie said...

Mrs Spit beat me - nothing like free newspaper (and meths I was advised)

I was also advised (by the radio guru Shannon Lush) that if you use a weak solution of lemon oil on your dampened broom whilst sweeping the webs, your spiders will stay away.

Scotty said...

I hope that 4th of July wish comes true for you, Debby - you've worked hard for it.