Sunday, June 5, 2011

Best Day Ever!

I had the weekend off, and it was nice. Yesterday we worked on the house. Today, well, we got up, we went to church, and then after church stopped and bought a sandwich and sat in the middle of a local arboretum to eat them and visit. We went to see my sister. She took her state nursing boards and is certain that she failed. We are certain that she did not, and so we placed a bet with her. She took it. We'll win. Find out more about this wager on Tuesday. I mean, it's a pretty safe bet. She graduated magna cum laude. She said, "I didn't even know, and then I didn't know how to pronounce it..." She's smart, don't let her fool you. She passed those boards just fine.

Then we went up to visit my mom for a while. She left the nursing home and came back home, and she is glad to be there.

Wrangling back through, we stopped at Danny and Mary's, but they were not home, and so we headed back to our own place. Tim repaired a car, and then we took it for a test drive. Naturally, we wound up at the new house. Tim was curious. I'd taken all the dangling drop things from the chandelier, and soaked them in cleaner, and they sparked beautifully. It is an old brass light fixture, and he wanted to know if the baubles were cut glass or crystal. He'd read up on this, and found out that if these were crystals, they would throw rainbows all around. So I was out in the garden with a bucket of fertilizer, and he was standing outside staring through the droplet at the sun. "No," I said, "like this..." and I turned the crystal towards the sun and held it just inside of the bucket. Immediately the bucket was filled with rainbows. "Crystal," he said happily, and carried the prize back to the house. This particular light has 60 of these baubles.

I went on with my fertilizing, and found a rose bush. The buds had opened and it was full of pink roses. The smell? Oh, my gosh, just heavenly. "Come smell these," I said when Tim came back outside. And he did. And we exchanged happy smiles in the middle of that poor overgrown garden.

We headed back home, and on the way, I saw a big wooden door, the old fashion kind. It had a sign on it: 'Free!' I said to Tim, "They're giving away a door you'd want back there," and Tim said, "I don't need another door. "It's an old one," I said, "the heavy wood door with the brass fixtures, takes a skeleton key..." and the truck was turning left and going around the block before I could even finish. Now get this: As we are going around the block, we see another sign. It also says 'Free' and this sign is hanging off a set of wicker furniture. REAL WICKER FURNITURE! 'Oh, Tim,' I breathed. "Loooooooook! Wicker..." He's so great. He stopped the car with a sigh. "Go look at it," he said. And so I did. And it was wicker. Real wicker furniture painted stinking black for heaven's sake! Right away, I know where this is going to go...there's a little cubby, and I wanted to put a little love seat there, and a book shelf, but this little set would fit perfectly there in that quiet little corner with the window at the entrance to the third floor. I turned to Tim, and he knew. Before I said a word, he was climbing out of the car. We loaded up the chair and the table. We'd come back for the loveseat after we went home to get the truck. He stopped and looked at the door, and looking at the art deco lock on the door, and the heavy dark wood, he said to the lady that we would be back to pick that up just as soon as we went home and got our truck.

And that's exactly what we did.

And so endeth the best day ever!


Scotty said...

Don't ya just love days like that?


Mary Paddock said...

I love days where it all comes together. 'Sounds like a very good one, Deb.

jeanie said...

Definitely one that was meant to be!!

Mikey said...

Wow, that's an awesome day! Unreal!! All that cool stuff for free? Can't get any better than that!!

Bill of Wasilla said...

Man! Wow!

I lost that door when I was a kid.

I always wondered what happened to it.

And I told my mother not to paint the wicker furniture black, but she did, anyway.

Grahamn Kracker said...

She had been listening to the Rolling Stones, that's why.

Anonymous said...

LOL@Bill. The vision of a fine Mormon woman listening the the Rolling Stones and painting her wicker black made me laugh. Further more, she must have been smoking wacky tobaccy because if she had been in her right mind, she'd have been painting the DOOR black, agreed?

Stupid blogger will not let me comment on my own blog...

Kelly said...

What a perfect day! Just filled with treasures and surprises!

A Novel Woman said...

That is my version of a perfect day. (sigh)

And old roses are the best. New varieties just don't have the heavy scents of the old ones.

PaintedPromise said...

yay treasures!!!!! glad you found them!!!!