Monday, May 9, 2011

The Weekend

It's my last full week of school. And it is a full week. I will get two more finals done this week, a major presentation on Friday, portfolios handed in Wednesday. Eee. All I have to do is get through this week. I will. I know that I will.

My sister graduated from Clarion University Friday night. She is a nurse. Well. She still has to pass the state boards, technically, but she will. I couldn't go. I had to work.

Tim and I had a date night. We went out for dinner and then took strawberry shortcake to my mother in the nursing home. Dylan said, "Man. You guys know how to ROCK a date night.

Sunday, I went to church. A mother of a young man in Afghanistan spoke about her fear of reprisals in the wake of bin Ladin's death. I've been a little worried about my church. To be honest, I have not been there for a few weeks. It is becoming increasingly conservative. To hear that our president is listed in the Book of Revelations and is a sign of the end times bothers me. Revelations is a cryptic book. If I were so inclined, I could take any person I wanted and drum up 'evidence' that he is a sign of the end times in the book of Revelations. The church has become a hotbed of teaparty-like politics, and it began to seem, to my ears anyway, that my political beliefs disqualified me from belonging to my church, even though I know that I'm not the only one to hold them. Even Tim began to have misgivings.

Anyways, I digress. The mother spoke about her son, and our minister did mention that his initial jubilation that bin Ladin had been killed was squelched quickly when he saw people dancing and rejoicing in the street. He said, "I thought that was wrong." So did I. When I saw the pictures, I thought of the uneasiness that I had watching Muslims dancing in the street and rejoicing at some horrible event to befall us. What makes it any more right for us to behave that way? It doesn't. I thought of Jesus Christ, when the soldiers came to take him away, reaching up to heal the bleeding ear of one of them, rebuking his disciples trying to defend him. As Christians, we are, in my opinion, required to act like them. No matter what. I was glad that the minister spoke up. I was glad to hear murmurred agreement from the congregation.

I came home. I studied. Today, I will go to school, and I will study some more. And then I will go to work. When I go to bed tonight, I will sigh to myself, "Only eight more days and school will be done."


BUSH BABE said...

I hear you. Good luck with your final study stuff.

Lori said...

It must be quite a relief to only have a couple more weeks to go. I can sympathize with you on the church situation, and I agree with you that we should not be seeing Obama or any other single person as a fulfillment from Revelation. I would have to prayerfully question the Biblical reasoning there. Glad you had a nice date night out and that you were able to go visit your mother. I hope you last two weeks of school are good ones!

Bob said...

Yeah, the church thing really bothers me. I belong to what folks would probably consider a "conservative" church and, although I don't agree with all the theology, I don't think we would ever hear something like this or even be advised to vote a certain way. That's troublesome.

I so agree with your thoughts on bin Laden's death. Although I think we can all rest easier because he's gone and totally trust that our leaders did the right thing, I can't engage in any type of fist pumping or celebrating.