Monday, May 30, 2011


I got up this morning and wrote two papers, one on Hemingway's "Hills like White Elephants" and Alice Walker's "Everyday Use". I put together a presentation for Gerard Manley Hopkins, as back up for the poem I am presenting "Spring and Fall". Then I got a shower, cooked Tim a steak for lunch, baked potatoes and peas. Then I was out the door to work.

For the first time, I got so angry at a customer that I simply called the manager and asked him 'to take care of this gentleman, please' and walked off. Mark was pretty shocked. He asked me later what happened. I told him. What I did not know was that the assistant manager had been coming in the door and heard most of the exchange. Both managers agreed that the man's behavior was completely uncalled for. Man. I sure do hate narrow minded people who feel that they have the right to shove their political views down your throat. I told him that I'd rather not discuss it, repeatedly, and, of all things he accused me of not having a sense of humor. I said, "Actually, I have a wonderful sense of humor." (unspoken part: '...but you ain't funny, man.') He continued on, and on. He wanted to fight. I finally looked up at him and said, "Do you have any idea who you are speaking to?" He shut up and looked shocked. "I am a seven year Army veteran, and I am entitled to my own opinions just as you are entitled to yours," and once again, I said, "I do not want to discuss this with you." He shut up, for just a moment, but then began to hammer his hateful views once more. That is when I called for the manager, and left my register.

The rest of the day was fine, busy, but fine. When I came home, I walked for two miles, a good brisk walk at top speed.

I am really productive lately. I really think that a large part of it is that I really love this class I'm taking. I really think that just being excited about something makes a big difference in the rest of your life.


Scotty said...

What's that old saying I use occasionally...?

You're entitled to your opinion, mate; even when it's wrong.


Brianna said...

I'm glad you told him off Mom. I hate it when people shove their political views down your throat, especially when it's just hateful garbage. My pet peeve is the "distinguished older gentleman" who starts debating politics with me, and when I make a point that he can't argue with he just says, "Well, you're young, you don't know any better." I have to just laugh, but I have to fight the urge to knock him upside the head, LOL! :)

Bill of Wasilla said...

I have noticed the same thing. When I have challenged certain people who have tried to foist their racist and hateful views upon me, they have claimed that I have no sense of humor.


quid said...

I agree that doing something you love puts a shine on almost everything else you do. Glad you love this class.

Rotten customers... sometimes its hard to avoid them.


nancyspoint said...

Debby, Funny thing, my lastest post is on anger. Why is it some people just don't know when enough is enough? So glad you are taking a class you enjoy! I wish I could say I am being as productive as you are, but... Guess I will go out now and take that walk though!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that English, as in Literature, teaching, writing (AND WRITING THAT BOOK) might be where you belong rather than O.T.?? You are gifted as evidenced in what you write and what you enjoy! Love you. Judy

Kelly said...

Sounds like this was handled well. You know, Debby.... I have a feeling we might disagree on a lot of things when it comes to politics (as I do with my best friend), but I would never force my opinions on you nor do I think you would force yours on me. I can always agree to disagree since we're all entitled to our opinions.

BUSH BABE said...

No doubt he couldn't find anyone to listen to his diatribe anywhere else and thought you were a 'capative audience'! Extreme anything makes me see red. And this kind of behaviour is completely disrespectful... Well handled.