Thursday, May 26, 2011

Today, I went to class. I really love this class. Reading the stories, and teasing the words apart, looking for the hidden meanings, the discussions, the different perspectives.

After school, I went to the new house and began giving it a good scrubbing. I listened to the sound of children playing and the sounds of the church bells ringing the hour, every hour. I listened to the wind, and the sound of the town, the hiss of yet more rain, and the birds and I thought to myself, "These are the sounds of my new life."

Altogether, it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon, wrapped in the silent house, the noises outside slipping in the open doors, scrubbing and climbing ladders, my body hard at work as my mind wandered freely in and out of the different stories we read today.

Today's discoveries: mice poop small, but mice poop LOTS. Ack. (Yay for rubber gloves). I've got to find diatomaceous earth to treat the foundation of the house with, because we've got ants. I set out ant poison inside today. I set the stuff down and went back down to retrieve the clippers to open the stuff. I got discombobulated and couldn't remember where I'd set the stuff down. I wandered from room to room, laughing a little that the house is big enough for me to lose track of myself in. I counted the rooms today. There are 13. We are ripping out carpeting. Underneath that carpeting, I found a gleaming wood stairway. This house has the most wonderful nooks and crannies. I'll have most of the day to work in it tomorrow, and then (be still my heart), I only have to work Saturday night. The rest of the weekend, Tim and I can work on the house. I'll take pictures.


Bob said...

You are gonna love that house and you are already making it a HOME!

steviewren said...

I love old houses. Yours sounds like a treasure. I loved my English lit classes too, for the same reasons as you. But what I really want to know is...what in the world is diatomaceous earth?

BUSH BABE said...

I love the word: discombobulated. It's fabulous. As is that house. As is your attitude. I need it today!
BB (The Discombobulated One)

A Novel Woman said...

I too have ants and just sprinkled some diatomaceous earth yesterday! Remember, it doesn't work as well if it's in a place where it can get wet. Oh, and wear a mask around the mouse poop. I get mine from hubby, but you can buy them at the hardware store. You're not supposed to breathe in the dust/spores/mouse crap.

I wish we had hardwood floors under our old carpets. It's plywood, so it means an entire new floor. I'm loving this house reno story! Can't wait for more photos!!