Friday, May 13, 2011

Today at the Tractor Supply

Oh, gosh, what a day. I got to work, and it was busy. Really busy. The phone was ringing, and I was trying to wait on customers, one right after another, answer questions. It was nuts. Just nuts. In the midst of this a woman comes rushing up to say that we "need to get our janitor up front, because there is a child throwing up."

"Uh. We don't have a janitor," I said. And I paged for someone, but Ike was out front selling yet another rider (man, that guy is a selling machine!), and the manager was interviewing a potential employee, and the receiving clerk was outside loading fenceposts for a customer.

The mother kept soothing her son as he continued to throw up. It seemed kind of heartless to holler over, "Hey, can you wheel that kid out to the parking lot please?" The best we could do at the minute was hand her a roll of paper towels.

Things settled down a little, and Ike ran back for a mop bucket, and I rushed out to grab the carts. Almost all of them were in the parking lot. I was glad that Ike volunteered to clean it up, because I've got a weak stomach when it comes to vomit. Don't you know? While I was rounding up carts, folks pulled up with a trailer and began looking at riding mowers. I scooted the carts in, grabbed Ike and said, "Stop what you're doing and go out and talk to the customers looking at mowers. And I began to clean up the mess.

The kid had a big glass of milk with his lunch and something with one heck of a lot of red food dye.

I did not puke. And Ike sold another rider.

What a day!


Anonymous said...

You have a very strong constitution, Debby!

Bob said...

You know, we rise to the occasion when we have to, don't you think? My wife and I just kind of took turns when we had to clean it up. Sometimes she couldn't handle it and sometimes I couldn't but, fortunately, one of us always could.

Kelly said...

I had the strongest stomach in my family when it came to that stuff, but strong stomach or not...I don't like cleaning up someone else's kid's vomit. Actually, I prefer cleaning up after animals. I've done my share of that lately, too.

Brianna said...

Amazingly, my stomach has become a LOT stronger since I had William... but then, if you saw some of the stuff that is in his diaper on a daily basis, you'd have a strong stomach, too! XD