Monday, May 30, 2011

Things that I Love.

I love my poor overgrown yard at the new house, where old established plants from a formal garden struggle to compete with the forest of baby maples and dandelions and four autumns of leaves from the giant maple trees that I cannot reach my arms around.
I love the violets there, small treasures in the deep leaves.
I love the way the white wood work gleams when you scrub it down. I'm scrubbing the walls and the woodwork and cleaning the windows one room at a time. It makes a huge difference.
I love the way the even sun shines through these windows in the library, making splashes of gold. One day, I'd like to replace the glass with stained glass, but that's one of those dreams that is waaaaay down the road. There will be no luxuries until the necessities are taken care of.
I love these lights.
One on each side of our door. The screen door has to go. It doesn't match the house. The steps need patched. The house needs painted, but Tim was delighted to see that beneath the peeling paint, the house is sided in cedar.
Competing for our attention, our house in the woods once again boasts a nest of baby robins. Even though baby birds are the ugliest thing known to mankind, I love them. I love that mama is so hardworking. I love that she has become so accustomed to us that I can stand and watch her as she goes about her business, flying back and forth to keep the demanding creatures fed.
I love this little grandbaby. He 'talks' now, and grins so big that he just wiggles all over. He find Tim fascinating, and stares and stares. When Tim speaks, he grins and wiggles.
I love this man, although he does not understand why I am taking pictures of robins and of him. We have work to be done, and I cannot do it if I am wandering around with a camera in my hands.


A Novel Woman said...

Ah, I love everything about that house, and I love baby robins, and I love baby humans and I think I might even love Tim a little bit.

You know, I worked in stained glass years ago, made some panels and even a lamp or two. It's not hard to learn. You could take a course and make your own panels. Just saying.

debby said...

ooh! NW? I'd love to do stained glass. However, I'm kind of busy, right at the moment. Perhaps you should hie yourself here and build me a couple masterpieces. :)

And Kelly? You said that you meant to come see the house one day? Great! Any time! I mean it sincerely. If you're coming in the near future, and can talk with a scrub brush in your hand, all the better! To all of you reading? You're all invited!

MuseSwings said...

A lovely and very homey home indeed! What a beautiful little grand-baby! I'm glad babies aren't ugly like baby birds - even if they were we would still love them. Mmmm stained glass windows! Perhaps you'll come across something at a flea market. Even if it isn't the same size as the windows you can hang it in the frame. A collection of colored vintage glass bottles would be lovely for catching the sun too.

Mikey said...

Tell Tim we LOVE pictures!! Love all of this. Love how your house is coming together. It's going to be absolutely stunning when you get finished and moved in.

Kelly said...

I want to grab one of those dandelions and blow away all the little seeds!! I love those things!!

Don't expect me any time soon, but yes...maybe someday!

oh, and I enjoyed ALL your photos here!

WhiteStone said...

Sweet house.
Sweet babies (all of them).
Sweet hubby!

BB said...

Your hubby now knows how MY hubby feels ALL the time!!! LOL.

So exciting... loving the pic updates!
PS Give that grandbaby a little cuddle for me. x

Hal Johnson said...

I like it.

A Novel Woman said...

Done and DONE!

quid said...

Well, this was a wonderful post! Grandbaby is darling!