Monday, May 23, 2011


I worked today, in the back yard of our new house. I unburied the sweetest little stone walkway into the side entrance of the carriage house. I found interesting plants beneath the leaves. The hemlocks that Tim cut down in front of the house are showing new growth. Everywhere I turned, I was making discoveries. I raked and gave myself a blister, but it was warm with a sturdy breeze blowing, thunder rumbling far off into the distance. I daydreamed about days gone by, and what the garden looked like in all its glory.
As I daydreamed, it occurred to me that my daydreaming could be a book.


Brianna said...

Yes, it could be a book... a very interesting one at that! All your Tractor Supply stories could be a book, too... just a not-so-subtle hint from your daughter who, coincidentally, would LOVE to see you write a book! Or two, even! ;)

A Novel Woman said...

YES!!! YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

And may I just say how "side entrance of the carriage house" just seemed to roll off your tongue. Er, fingers. I love hearing about your new home and how happy it makes you. (happy sigh)

BUSH BABE said...

The House Becomes a Muse.
(Wouldn't that be a great subtitle?)
*waits patiently for next instalment*

Bill of Wasilla said...

Since you wrote a short post, maybe that means you sat down and did some serious book writing?

Anonymous said...

So your mews a-mused then?

(to continue bb's theme)

(for some reason, Dr Google doesn't want to credit me with my comment - tis Jeanie)