Saturday, May 28, 2011

House Work

I was at Lowe's and while Tim was looking at a big dehumidifier for the basement, I was looking at plants. Sure enough, I found the clearance rack. I got two nice geraniums for $3 each. I got 3 six packs of vinca. I got one six pack of salvia. I got two other potted plants. Can I remember the names of them? No. Tim looked a little concerned when I pulled my little red wagon of plants up. The tension eased from his face when he figured out that I had $9 worth of plants.

I did not have time to plant today. We ripped all the carpets up from the second floor and through them off the balcony onto the back of the truck.
I started sweeping up the rubble left behind. Soon I heard Tim's voice. "Let me out," he said. I stopped. "Where are you?" I called. "Let me out," he said, once more, and then nothing. I leaned the broom against the wall, and headed out calling, "Where are you?" I finally stuck my head in a room, and from a closet, a stuffed gorilla with puckered lips and satin boxers that read "Hot Stuff" wiggled at me. Tim came out of the closet laughing. "Jeepers," I said, "that is one grotesque thing. You need to get rid of that! It gives me the creeps." Tim laughed some more. I laughed too, and went back to sweeping. I gathered up a huge pile of debris in the hall, and when I went into the room Tim had been working in, I saw that he'd left that gorilla perched there, waiting for me with puckered lips.

Gah! The thing gave me the creeps all over again.

The nice thing about this house is that there is a lot of work that I can do on my own, while Tim is at his second shift job. This week, I have tack strips to pry up. A million staples to pull out of the five rooms and the stairs too. I've got walls to continue washing. Woodwork. A second bathroom to clean. More yardwork than you can even guess at. None of this requires money; just elbow grease. I've got plenty of that. I love working by myself in the silence of that big old house, thinking my thoughts and dreaming my dreams.


Kelly said...

I haven't bought any bedding plants this year. My dogs are bad about sleeping in the beds I like to plant so I figure what's the point! I do like to have a pot of geraniums somewhere, though. They are so pretty!

I've made up my mind. Someday I'm gonna get up there and see that house.

BUSH BABE said...

Tim's funny... I love that you are polishing this ol' house up like the magic lamp. What genie's will you release? (Not gorillas, one hopes!)

BUSH BABE said...
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Grahamn Kracker said...

I want to see a picture of the gorilla.

jeanie said...

I want to know if the gorilla came with the house? Or from Lowe's (which is funny for us folk over here, as Lowe's is a menswear chain that was advertisied by gorillas - sorry, rugby league footballers!!)

Bob said...

OK, there's no question, the gorilla stays. The official house mascot and he MUST have a name.

Mary Paddock said...

You've found the soul of the house in a whimsical toy. :)