Thursday, May 19, 2011


Oh, there is a lot going on here. I was working on my computer last night when notification came that my computer was infected by blaster worm. I tried to do a system restore, but it would not let me. I tried to delete the offending program and my computer screamed at me. Literally. Screamed at me. I about jumped out of my chair.

So the computer is at the shop of the great and powerful computer guru, name of Ralston. Ralston of Youngsville. Good egg. He and Tim went to school together. Hopefully he can fix my screaming computer. I am amazed that this all waited to happen until after school ended. It would have been disasterous had it happened just even earlier this week.

I am using Cara's old laptop. She donated it to my 'office' when she bought her new computer. I am glad to have the back up, because I would have gone through withdrawal without computer access. I have a column rattling around my head that needs to spring forth. I have a girl backpacking through Korea on her own. She was staying at hostels, but after one night where she said she saw more naked people than she wanted to ever see again, she began staying at 'love motels'. She mentioned that the television had a coin box, and wondered if she could sit down and watch a movie. Perhaps the Aristocats. I advised her not to put a coin in the television machine. The only contact I have with her right now is via computer, and I would have been beside myself if I could not have checked in to see how she's doing.

Tim and I got up early and went to the house. I've only been there a handful of times. Today we met the carpet cleaner who took one look at the second floor and recommended not even trying to save them. Since there is hardwood floors underneath, we're not all that broken up about the idea. The carpets on the third floor are salvageable though.

I began sweeping today, just piles of rubble. BB? You know how you hate mice? You would hate my beautiful house right now! I daydreamed while I worked. I daydreamed about where the Christmas tree would go. About parties and gatherings of friends and family, about where to put our furniture. What would look nice in the entrance way. Our bedroom has a big picture window to look back across the back yard. I worked outside too, and began to discover things in that garden. A glade of violets, and lily of the valley. A gorgeous bleeding heart. Holly. Forget me nots that look like a cloud fallen to my back yard. All too soon, it was time to leave, and I said to Tim, "Everytime that I come here, I love it even more." I cannot believe our luck. It is such a beautiful place.

I have so many plans rattling around in my head. As I swept today, and daydreamed while Tim installed the hot water tank in the basement, sweeping up all manner of rubble: toys, juiceboxes, dishes with spoons, rodent droppings, papers, pencils, pens, make up, candy wrappers, cripes, you name it, I was sweeping it up, and I found myself talking to the house in a reassuring way. Sounds stupid, I know, but I felt sorry for this grand house, so badly treated.

I had an appointment today at the Cancer Center. I had arrived early for my 2:30 appointment, but ended up leaving because I had no more time to wait. I had to be to work at 4. I understand that emergencies come up. It is after all a Cancer Center. I told them though, that when the doctor is running late, it seems only common courtesy that one would be told that she is running late. This gives the patient a chance to assess the situation. If she cannot stay, then the appointment can be remade. It's really just courtesy, after all.

Well, to bed. I have to work tomorrow. If the hot water tank is installed, then I can begin to scrub the kitchen tomorrow evening after I leave work. I'm so excited...


Bob said...

And I'm excited for you! Make sure there's a guest room 'cause you just never know who might visit! :-)

A Novel Woman said...

Back from Arizona and I want to see some photos of your house and garden. Can't you do a progress report for the blog? No excuses, school is over. And I love, love, love forget-me-nots.

Mikey said...

You are such a breath of fresh air for me. I can picture you in your new house, making it sparkle like it should. Worrying about Cara (but knowing she's more than capable out there) and then your screaming computer, that made me lol. I can picture it all :)
I'm glad school's over, we get more YOU!

Caroline said...

Do you have a webcam on that laptop? Does Cara have one too? Then you can Skype for free and actually see her.

Debby said...

We actually have a webcam on our computer that is in the shop. It has all the bells and whistles. I guess that I'm not a real visual sort of person though. As long as I can talk to her or see her words before me, I'm okay with that. She'll be back. We use Skype though.

Mikey, you need a breath of fresh air, for sure. Reading your blog? Like having a third job. You work too hard! That trip we were hoping to make to Arizona after I finished up with school was tentatively set for after the week of the 4th of July. Yeah. We know it gets hot there. Right now, it looks as if Tim's company will be going on strike.
Woman? Yep. That is a definate. Tim had the gas log in the fireplace going while I swept, and it looked so cozy. There is so much to be discovered in that house. Including an attic. With boxes. (Wanna come and explore the attic with me?) I figure that attic is worth a blog post all of it's own. There will be pictures and lots of them. When I get my fixed computer back.

Bob? Lots of guest rooms. And we would be delighted to see you and Susan. You might want to give us a couple months. Unless of course you like rehabbing. Then you just get yourself here. We've got stuff for you to do. LOOOOOOTS of stuff for you to do.

Really, this is so very exciting. I cannot wait to post pictures. Cannot wait to get started. Oh, be still my heart!

Kelly said...

I can hardly wait for pictures of the house. Lots of pictures, in every stage. Isn't that kind of daydreaming just heavenly??!

BUSH BABE said...

I have this complete picture of this house in my head. Soooo exciting. I cannot wait to hear progress - you need a whole section for the house progress (a la The Lodge renovation!)

And just to attempt to salvage my reputation slightly, I don't hate mice. I like to kill them, sure, but it's RATs that creep me right out.


Cara said...

Happy Birthday Mom! Made it home safe. Haven't slept in 26 hours. Been a long haul but the best adventure of my young life. Lots of pics to share assuming the world doesn't actually end today.