Saturday, April 9, 2011


There are people who should probably not bother to have a cell phone.

*raises hand*

Cara bought me one, a little trac phone. She was frustrated after a mixup at work, when they called to see why I wasn't there, and she couldn't call me to find out why I wasn't there. I had said, "I can't be there at -- o'clock. I am still at school," and the decision had been made that one of the managers would cover register for that half hour while I was on my way in. Unfortunately, it was not written down, and the manager who was 'on' that day had no clue what was going on. They had called home, and Cara headed out the door to retrace my path home from college. She was smart enough to stop by the store before back tracking my normal route home and found me at my register where I was supposed to be. She left the store, cross at the fact she had an 'amish' mother. (This is what she calls everyone who does not have a cellphone and i-pod.) She reappeared within the hour and slapped a cell phone in my hand and walked out while I was still protesting the thing.

So now I have a cell phone. Does this mean that I am any easier to reach? No. Because I leave the thing home on the charger a lot. When I do have it, it generally means that I've remembered to stick the thing in a pocket, but that is no guarantee that it works, because it's usually been in the pocket for a week, and has a low battery. Or I haven't remembered to turn it on. It's always some darn thing. Yesterday, it was that I was in class, and had it turned off. (Yes, I know you can turn it on vibrate, but I did not remember how to do that, and did not have the time to figure it out.)

When I got home, Tim said, "I couldn't reach you." I said, "I know..." and headed for the kitchen to get him lunch. "Stop what you are doing," he said. "Call your sister." I did. My mom was taken to the hospital. She is very ill. She was lifeflighted from our small town to a city hospital an hour a way.

Tim took the night off work and we went to wait with the rest of the family. We left very late last night, and she was still unresponsive. It is too soon to know what will happen, but she is very ill.

Tim and I rode in the back of my sister's little car and we talked. We talked about our children, and life. We swapped stories. And when we got back to where her husband's truck and our car was parked, we got out. It was after midnight, and for the first time, I heard the peepers in the swamp across the road, a swamp that I did a lot of mosquito work in. I stood a little in the light rain and listened to the sound of those little frogs and realized once again, that sometimes we think that the seasons are never going to change. They do. They always do, whether we are ready to say goodbye to the last season or not.


Anonymous said...

We heard the peepers the other evening too. I'm sorry to hear that your mom is ill. I pray for her recovery.

BUSH BABE said...

So sorry to hear about your Mother Deb. I am away from home tonight - will be in contact tomorrow, okay?

Bob said...

I fought the cell phone thing for years but finally gave in when Wife put us on the "family plan" and handed me a phone, much like Cara did to you. Today, with my work schedule, I couldn't have the life I have without it. Ironically, it's now Susan who often leaves hers at home and goes AWOL.

There are still many things about them I detest, including the ubiquity of them with the young folks, including my son David who, last night on the rugby field, lined up with the seniors who were being recognized, was looking at the phone in his hand when the coach came to him to shake his hand. Yes, he might have heard something about that when he got home.

Praying for your mom, and you, and for all the unknowns in this situation.

Karen said...

Prayers for your mom. I hope everything goes well for her.

quid said...

Prayers for your mother, Debby. I hope she recovers.


steviewren said...

I'm sorry your mom is ill. I'm hoping for the best outcome. Take care of yourself during this season.

Bill of Wasilla said...

I'm very sorry to learn about your mom. Prayers for her, I hope she recovers.

Although you were not near enough to your phone to hear it ring when the hard news came, I'm glad you were in tune to hear the peepers.

Spring must finally be coming.

Kelly said...

I have had a cellphone for years and it's become an extension of my hand (not my ear since I tend to use it for more "other" stuff than talking").

I'll say some prayers for your mother ... and all of your family.

A Novel Woman said...

I'm so sorry to hear your mom is ill. I will hope for the best, for you and for your family.

As for the cell phone, you and I are on the same page for this one. I always forget to bring it, or I forget to turn it on, and I have no idea how to retrieve messages. I still believe in land phones.

Scotty said...

My warmest wishes are with you, Debby - sorry to hear about your Mum.

jeanie said...

Best wishes for you and your family, Debby.

I only got a mobile phone when I first put 'Salina into childcare - and immediately went and bought one because I wanted to be contactable if anything happened at all.

Slightly overprotective, I know.

I now have 2 mobile phones I take with me - one is "mine", the other is for a 5 hour a week admin job I do, so I can be their "office" if necessary at any time.

I do not, however, have all the bells and whistles - they are old fashioned - and I sometimes feel a little bit Amish.

WhiteStone said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Prayers for her and hugs for you.

Anonymous said...

Deb, you and your family are certainly going through a very difficult time just now in a few ways. My very best wishes, love, thoughts and prayers go to you and your family throughout all of this. May you all have the right outcome for all of you. Hugs Barbx

PaintedPromise said...

prayers for your mom Debby! and the rest of the family as this plays out...

as for the phone, mine is almost always within reach, always charged unless i have been talking a lot that day... but it is just a phone, no internet and i barely figured out how to take pictures after having it for a couple of years. i learned to text in self-defense because of the kids... but as i always tell my friends, i just text LITTLE... as in only a few words, no paragraphs!!!