Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Dog Story from Tractor Supply

Yesterday at Tractor Supply, a couple came in and they were buying things for a puppy. A kennel, a soft bed, bowls, puppy food, a little collar and a matching leash. "What kind of puppy did you get?" And they looked at each other and laughed. "We got a Puerto Rican puppy."

Turns out that their veterinarian had gone on her honeymoon to Puerto Rico. While there, she found three starving puppies. She couldn't bear to leave them behind, so she gathered them up and brought them to their hotel room. They had no dog food, so that first night, she fed them trail mix, and the poor starving things wolfed it down. And so they were named Almond and Peanut and the name of some other nut that I cannot remember.

Come time to leave, they discovered that they could only bring two of the three home with them, so in a canine version of Sophie's Choice, they picked two to come home. Amazingly, they flew someone to Puerto Rico for the third puppy, who is on his way home even as I write.

"That's a nice story," I said as I walked with them to the door to lock up for the night. "Bring Almond with you when you come back. I'd sure like to meet her."

My mother continues to improve although she is still in Intensive Care.

I feel like Cara is safe now, and I am much relieved.

There is no snow in the long range forecast. I see daffodils on the way to school. We should have the keys to our new house by the end of the week.

Many nice things happening. Lucky, lucky me!


Kelly said...

What a wonderful story about Almond! I bet the third was Cashew.

Good to hear your mother is improving.

BUSH BABE said...

Cara? What has happened?
Sweet dog story...

Bob said...

And BLESSED. You are blessed.

I love that story about the Puerto Rican dogs. I keep saying that my current one, Ralph, is my last dog. But I don't really mean it . . .