Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Smart and the Stupid (hint: It's me...)

Who's currently getting an A in Anatomy and Physiology? (hint: it's me. I am!)

Lest I get too big headed, who forgot her lab manual this morning, with the all important lab handouts, the lab handouts that we are being tested on today? (hint: it's me. I did!)

Who could blow that average on today's test? (hint: dammit. Me again! I could!)


Back to the studying...


Caroline said...

Ah but it only means you are human....

Anonymous said...

One thing about it -- you probably won't do that twice!

Think I'd better go. Glad to hear giving up the Tamoxifen worked so quickly. It is good to re-join life isn't it?

All the best Barb