Friday, March 11, 2011

*rolls eyes*

It's been raining like crazy here, just miserable weather. I'd signed up to do a fundraiser for the Blind Association called 'Dining in the Dark'. I thought that it was going to be in Jamestown. Instead I found out that it was in Mayville, about an hour from here. Gosh. What a drive! The shoulders have washed away from the road in some places leaving great trenches. There are some horrible potholes. Water washing across the roads in some places. But I got there, and I was glad to be there.

The premise behind the event is that people come in and are blindfolded. They eat their meal 'blind'. I worried that my table would be a quiet one and I would find myself struggling to keep the conversation going, but no need to fret. It was a cheerful group, and everyone was wonderful. I was their sighted guide, and so I explained to them that, for instance, to keep your hands low to the table while reaching for your water glass, since it was stemmed, and could be knocked over. I explained about their meat being at 6 o'clock and gave helpful advice like, "Your plate is empty can quit looking for food."

When it was done, I headed back home. By then it was awful. You couldn't tell whether you were approaching one inch of water or six inches. I drove pretty slowly. The pot holes were hidden by the water and darkness, and at one point, I hit one of them so hard that I was sure that I had to have broken something on the car. However, I did not, and made it home safely.

The Conewango creek gets higher and higher. Tim picked up a washer and dryer today. He drove it to one of the houses downtown, one that is right on that river. It has probably a 14-16 foot embankment from the deck to the river. The basement door is under the deck. This house has no back yard. It's just pretty much a straight drop to the creek. Tim backed right up to the edge of that yard to move the washer and dryer into the basement. It made me just sick to think of it, that the saturated earth could have given way. The mental picture of our big truck sliding backwards over that embankment and down into the swift current of the Conewango creek, with my husband in it was too scary...I pleaded with him not to take such a chance again. Tim said, "Oh, I wasn't worried about that. I was afraid I'd leave ruts in the yard."

What do you do with a man like that?

PS: Now it's snowing again. Will this winter NEVER end?


Anonymous said...

thanks for adding Caras blog to your side bar, I am relly enjoying following it.

A Novel Woman said...

We have the same thing here. I haven't seen sunlight since we got back from our trip. I feel like I'm being punished. Our street is a like a lake right now, and I can't see over the snow piles at the sides of our driveway. Bah.

You know we have a restaurant here that serves people in complete darkness. I haven't worked up the nerve to try it, but my daughter said it was good. I have enough trouble keeping food off my shirt in a lighted restaurant...

Kelly said...

That actually sounds like a fun event. I bet you were an entertaining "guide"! Our local group has an evening of bowling in which everyone wears blindfolds. I've never been, but I've heard it's a great event!