Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cara in Korea

Cara has been in Korea for five days now. I think. The international date line screws me up. She left her on our Sunday, got there on their Monday, and now it is their Friday. I fretted a little before she left about the saber rattling that was going on over there. Across the table, she said, "I'll handle that." With her best RA voice, she leaned forward and said, with intense and staring eyes, "So how do you think that made the rest of the world feel when you threatened to use nuclear weapons? Hmmmmmm????? And have you learned something from this maybe? How are you going to handle things next time? Goooooood...." It made me laugh. Taylor (who is also an RA) said, "I've seen this play out in person. Really, it's very, very intimidating," and she shivered a little. Kim Jong Il handed over power to his son for a reason, I guess. He heard Cara was coming. Her hair is not as tall as his, and she's not much for high heeled shoes, so I imagine he has the height advantage, and he may have nuclear weapons, but she's got an RA voice, and heavens! the girl certainly knows how to deploy it. Thinking it over, I'll put my money on Cara.

There have been no international incidents as of this writing. I got a cheerful little e-mail from Cara. Her stomach has been giving her fits since she's been there, so I asked how it was going. On her latest adventure out, she found Maxwell House coffee and ham and egg salad sandwiches. For the first time since her arrival, she was able to celebrate with her traditional 'coma of food'. She found the proper adapters for her computer and is now on the internet (which makes me feel much better...). She found shampoo and conditioner that smells good and is looking for a good facewash. Classes begin on Monday, so she's still got the weekend. She closes with 'things are looking up, as they often do when one's life is suddenly enriched by coffee products and sandwiches.'

She cracks me up.


Lydia said...

Coffee is my cure-all.... Going to get a cup now.

So glad that she is doing well!!! :)

Kelly said...

It sounds like she's settling in. Try to put her in God's hands and stop worrying.

Debby said...

Oh, I'm not worried now. I was just worried when she was out of contact. She'll be fine. As long as North Korea remembers to behave itself.