Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cara has arrived in Korea safely. Her suitcases 'exploded'. Funny, since she joked the night before she left that she was actually afraid this might happen. KAL taped them all closed, and so she was able to get all that stuff she could not live without to where she will be living for a semester. She loves her little room with its own bath. (The shower head is directly above the toilet...) She is a little upset that she can't plug her computer in, and that she cannot hook up to the wifi there, but she found public computers and she was able to send word home. She was, after a day of traveling very glad to get off the plane. She was met in Daegu, and taken to her room where it sounds like she face planted on her bed for some time. She has found food, and she has found computers. People are very nice, she says, but they don't speak English. She's there to teach English, so really, that's pretty handy, don't you think?

Yesterday we had a warm up, which brought with it flooding. I was late to school for the second day in a row. Traffic was stopped as heavy equipment tried to clean the ditches and redirect the water that had flooded the road. As I came off the hill, I saw that the little town was flooded too. I got myself to school. Friday I was late because of the snow. Monday I was late because of the flooding (nothing compared to the recent flooding in Australia, I know.) At least my excuses are creative, hey?) I was embarrassed to leave early, but I had a dentist appointment. By then, a number of roads had been completely closed. I dumbed around the detours and finally got back to Pennsylvania too late for my appointment, which made me upset...they rescheduled my cleaning to JUNE now. Oy.

We have chicks at the Tractor Supply. Live bunnies too. Tim says no.

Interesting thing. Three women talking. They are very well dressed, and made up, and bejewelled. They are blocking the entrance to the restaurant. They are talking earnestly between themselves. We wait for them to move, but they do not. Our hostess is waiting on the other side of them to take us to our table. We finally say, "Excuse me..." and try to step around them. They did not stop in their speaking, nor did they move. We squeezed around them, literally. I'm a pretty oblivious person, and I do stupid things sometimes. But I know this. This wasn't obliviousness. I also know that people who think they are important seldom are. We sat at our table, and watched them. They did not move for anyone. Nor did they acknowledge anyone who was trying to get by. At all.


WhiteStone said...

Your last paragraph...I meet a lot of those people. It always catches me by surprise.

The chicks and bunnies? Oh, soooo cute! But fuzzy chicks grow into cackling hens. Sorta like humans do. lol

Kelly said...

Glad to know Cara got there safely.

Those women? I would have "bumped" them as I eased by and loudly stated "excuse me". But you know... folks like that never take a hint.

Brianna said...

See, people used to do that to me all the time... I'm with Kelly on this one, just barge your way through. I've noticed that people tend to do that to me when I'm racing for the bathroom, so if they get mad at me for "being rude", all I have to say is that I have to pee, and if you won't move out of my way, then I'll just mow my way through you! ;)

Oh, btw, Mary and I might be stopping in to see you at TS... Auntie Mary thinks it would be a great idea for William to have a bunny to play with, LOL!

Cara said...

Found maxwell house instant coffee, and egg/ham salad sandwiches. Needless to say, I have been in a coma of food for the first time since arriving here. Last night I was able to find shampoo and conditioner that smells wonderful. Further more I overcame the "plug problem" and connected to the internet. Classes begin Monday, and we started my bank account here yesterday. So.. Needless to say, things are looking up, as they often do when one's life is suddenly enriched with coffee product and sandwiches.

Debby said...

I do so hope you are kidding about the bunny.