Thursday, March 31, 2011

Burned Out

You know our new house? Under all that snow, there is a garden with flowers, and a stone border. I was thrilled to see there also was little pathway that follows the garden under the trees. I find myself daydreaming about what other secrets wait to be discovered.

I have worked at the store every day of spring break. It's been crazy. Someone had been hired, quit, and then asked to come back, and then changed her mind after the new schedules for the next two weeks were posted. It has been this mad scramble to fill her shifts. I try to help out during the crunch times, but I was very much looking forward to finally having these two days off. Jeremy called from the store to ask if I would mind working. I waffled. I felt guilty as heck, but finally told him no, that I couldn't. I needed to work on these assignments. I did too. I spent over ten hours today, working on projects.

Good news? I knocked two more major projects out.

Bad news? I'm not done yet.

It's midnight. I'm headed for bed.


jeanie said...

Good thing you are on holidays, otherwise you would be busy, hey Deb!!!

We have had a spate of people walk out on jobs of late here too - what is it with that?

quid said...

Projects, projects. Hard to believe that people just don't need to work at this time, isn't is?


Kelly said...

Good for you for being able to say "no" when you needed to. Not everyone can do that.