Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Break Time


Not posting a lot.

I'm on spring break, dontcha know.

When you're old, spring break is not a party, though.

That's what I noticed.

I had a nice weekend, but really...

...I have spent most of my spring break at the computer, consulting books, knocking out assignments, thinking, organizing, researching. Stuff like that.

I've gotten a lot done.

Alas, there is still much to do.

I picked up some extra hours at the store,

so yeah, I been working too.

I meant to get caught up on housework.

I did. A little.

I waxed floors.

darn lucky only Tim and I see our bedroom though.

Today, I'm going up to Mary's to play scrabble.


Oooooh. The excitement of it all.

This is why I haven't been blogging.


Twain12 said...

enjoy your break

Kelly said...

Waxing floors?? Geez. Go play Scrabble, woman, and have some FUN!

Jayne said...

Have fun, the housework will still be waiting for you afterwards!

Anonymous said...

The trouble with housework is that it waits for you.

The good thing about housework is that it CAN wait.

The most important thing at the big landmarks in your life - including the (Whisper) end - will not be the housework.

So go out and enjoy yourself!

Love Barb