Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Aussies in America

The amazing Bush Babe and Mr. I are packing up in Houston and heading back to LA. If you have not been following along with their adventures, you need to get over to their blog and start reading. They've had quite a trip while here. There was NYC and Mamma Mia and cheesecake and Starbucks and the Statue of Liberty and snow and winter coats and Macy's and then there was Houston and rodeos and Tim McGraw and mutton wrangling and cowboy boot shopping and then there was Oklahoma and Ree's lodge and cooking for Ree. And they're not even done yet.

I love this adventure, and it is great fun to follow along. I'm starting to realize one thing. When you approach life eagerly with an open heart, life responds open heartedly right back. These are great, great people, and I've no doubt that they're leaving a trail of admirers behind in their travels.

Violet confided to Cara in NYC that she desperately wanted to see a squirrel. Cara was amused at that and they talked about it. Violet asked about their size. Cara allowed as some of them get pretty big. Violet got very wide-eyed. "As big as me?" she asked. And it made Cara laugh in delight.

Dash was picking out a toy in FAO Swartz. And he is a very careful boy. He doesn't decide anything in the blink of an eye. He pondered, picking one transformer after another. He certainly did not want a Decepticon. It was all Greek to me, I'm afraid. My own experience with super heros ended with Dylan's love of the Power Rangers. In any case, he finally chose his toy. At the end of the night, my Dylan said to Dash, "So, are you pretty sure you got the right toy?" and immediately, Dash's little eyes got thoughtful and his finger went to his lips. "Don't you dare, Dylan!!!" I said, and I pushed him on.

We had so little time to sit and talk, and I spent most of the afternoon being amazed that they were here, and that I was with them, but I do have to tell you that Bush Babe and Mr. I are just plainly, good, good people. Probably the thing that most defined Mr. I was this exchange: We were speaking about the fact that there is a market for horsemeat. I had just commented that Mikey has horses that she'd saved from slaughter. In Australia, they are used for pet food. "I did that once," he said, "and I could never do it again. When an animal serves you all its life, it deserves better than that." I loved that about him, because I feel the same way. The last hands that one of your animals should feel is yours, and the last voice that he hears should be your own. You owe them that kindness.

Bush Babe? Oh, don't believe one self effacing comment the girl makes. She is gorgeous. A beautiful woman. She is a devoted mom, and I loved watching the quiet interactions between her and her husband. They are a team, and there is no mistaking it. She has a beautiful smile and she smiles often.

I walked along on the streets of NYC with them for a whole afternoon. A cold and windy afternoon. I cannot believe that I met them all in person, and I'll be everlastingly grateful that I had the chance to do so. It was a wonderful surprise.

I'll meet up with all of you in Oz, 2012! Jeanie? Barb? Be there, or be square! I'll be bringing the glasses and a good local wine.


quid said...

Such an enjoyable post! I'll try to catch up with Bush Babe's blog to see America from her point of view!


Lydia said...

Thanks for adding more depth to their trip. It's no wonder you two are such dear friends, good people like to be with good people. :)

Kelly said...

Yes, a truly enjoyable post!

They really are having the vacation of a lifetime, aren't they?!

Jayne said...

Certainly sounds like a wonderful time is being had :)

Scotty said...

Great post, Debby, and I'm glad you guys got a chance to catch up.

Debby said...

Hope to cross paths with you folks as well, Scotty and Jayne! We plane to take a goodly amount of time for this vacation, and cover a lot of territory. (territories?)

Mikey said...

I'm bummed they're not at my house!! What a great trip though, I bet the kids will remember it forever!

Leenie said...

Thanks for a second view of some of my favorite bloggers. You're in there too.

jeanie said...

Look forward to seeing you in 2012!!!

Debby said...

Yeah! I know. It'll be a pull out all the stops adventure. We've never had one before. Start e-mailing me information on things to do and see, all you folks from Oz!

Anonymous said...

States and territories of Australia

Things to do and see in Australia

I live in the State of New South Wales.

Hope to see you when you come to Aus.


Debby said...

We'd like very much to meet you DavidM!

BB said...

Oh gosh... I am blushing over here in California. And its not just the minor sunburn I got yesterday at Disneyland... I am so pleased that we pleased you so! Honestly, I think we are pretty average Aussies - something I am sure Jeanie and Anonymous (my Mum) will confirm!

There is just SO much of our adventures as yet unblogged... I feel very slack actually in the blogging dept as I see just how many images are sitting idle in the little external hard drive.

THanks for the shout out. We love ya right on back! ANd bring on the Down Under adventure. Let the lists begin...