Saturday, March 5, 2011

At the Tractor Supply.

I worked today. At 11, though, Karen came in to cover for me while I took care of the meeting that I'd managed to write in...on the wrong darn day. When I returned, an hour earlier than I expected, I had a bouquet of flowers for her, a yellow batch of sunshine. On her way out the door, she called back, "I'll work for you anytime. Especially if there are flowers involved!"

So I got back to work. Some people came in with their dog, a thin dog with a reddish coat. He had a muzzle. I said, "Am I allowed to pet your dog?" and they said yes, but explained that they'd only had him a couple weeks, that he'd spent most of his life in a shelter, that he'd been exposed to so little that he was exceedingly shy. I reached my hand out and spoke softly, and he looked square at my face, curiously. And then he stepped forward. I petted him and told him what a sweet baby he was. He rubbed into my hand, and then amazingly, he came to me and leaned against my leg as I petted him some more. His owners were shocked. He had never responded to anyone like that before, except for his new 'mama'. As for me, I had tears in my eyes. I'd forgotten what it was like to have that 'ken' with a dog, and I missed my Buck something awful.

After work, Tim and I went grocery shopping, and then picked up a video. We saw one called 'Hachi' with Richard Gere. We both enjoy Richard Gere, so we made that our pick of the night. I cried. Even Tim had tears in his eyes. What a sweet, sweet movie, based on the true story of Hachiko, a dog from Japan.

Cara has her own blog now, if you care to follow her adventures in 'the land of the morning calm'.


Mikey said...

I'm so excited Cara has a blog! I'm heading over to follow it right now!

Kelly said...

What a heart-warming post, Debby. You can always "grab" me with a dog story.

Off to check out Cara's blog.

Scotty said...

I sa w that movie not too long ago as well - had my hanky handy.


Lydia said...

Oh Debby, I just saw that movie on a flight! What a great movie. It was so heartwarming.