Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life Is Good

What an amazing day I've had!

And to finish it off with 'Letters from Juliet' and sangrias with Cara...well...life is good, isn't it? Sometimes, I forget, but really, it is good.


BUSH BABE said...

Something musta got in my eye after that last post, Deb... talk about hiding the good news at the end of the post.

Happy. Happy. JOY. JOY!!!!


Brianna said...

Definitely a GREAT movie! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and your sangrias! ;)

quid said...

Good movie...definitely chick flickish! So glad it was a great day. Uplifting news does that. I had the opposite... one of those days when you are sad, and can't quite figure out why; or can't say the reason out loud.


Anonymous said...

I loved that movie "Letters to Juliet"!