Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday was quite a day. I got up to go to work, and I did not bother to take a look out the window. After all, the weather man had only been calling for an inch, maybe two. I ambled around, getting ready, taking my good old sweet time, and finally got around to taking a quick look out the window. We'd gotten a lot of snow. At least five inches. I hied myself to work. Almost immediately, the weather got bad. So bad that at some points, you couldn't see across the parking lot to the gas station where I used to work. (shiver). Customers trickled in with stories of whiteouts and accidents. I was glad that I had nothing to do but stay right where I was, stocking the tractor belts and lawn mower blades. I worked in the quiet store, and enjoyed myself.

Until the great catastrophe, that is. A bottle of rabbit repellent was dropped on the floor, and broke open two aisles away from my register. I learned some interesting facts. Number one: anything that uses words like 'eggs', 'garlic', and 'putrescent' in describing its ingredients is nothing to be trifled with. Number two: when something reeks that badly, multiple moppings are a necessity. Number three: we sell a very effective deodorizer. It's actually intended for use in horse barns, but it can be used, in a pinch, to deodorize Tractor Supply Stores that have been mopped multiple times but still reek of rabbit repellent. Number four: A cashier can only put up with so much. Sometimes she has no choice but to cry uncle. And when a store stinks that badly, and the cashier says, "really, I don't want to be a big baby here, this is making me a little sick," and "I need my lunch break," nobody argues. You get your lunch break just like that. And so I left and breathed deeply in the cold, fresh air. Number five: when you've had said break and you return to the store, the smell seems even worse than it did when you left. Number six: Eventually, our ventilation system shall overcome. (Yay!) The final lesson of the day? The same thing that repels rabbits repels Debbys, amazingly enough.

I believe that the Tractor Supply is in no imminent danger of rabbits moving in and taking over. I'd never thought about it before yesterday, but it makes me feel safer to know that when I go to work now, I don't have to worry about bunnies leaping out from beneath shelves and rounders to attack my ankles in a gnawing bunny sort of way.


And here endeth the lessons.


Kelly said...

I can't imagine the smell....nor do I want to. Yuck!

Brianna said...

Oh, Lord Mom, only you! XD

steviewren said...

Someone should have told me about this stuff when the squirrel moved into my basement and wouldn't go away! Rabbits, squirrels, what's the difference?