Friday, February 11, 2011


Today at Tractor Supply, an elderly fellow said, "I'm so sick of being cold." I looked at him and said, "You and me both, friend." We talked about how miserable it has been lately. He said, "Ah well, it'll be 70 degrees by the end of the week." I looked at him and smiled. "From your lips to God's ear!" And he laughed and said, "It will be. I'm headed south." My response was to roll my eyes and say, "Don't tease me like that, pal. I swear, I'll come across this counter..."

He thought that I was darn funny stuff.


It wasn't a joke.


Big news of the day? The MRI in done in Pittsburgh came back clear. I called home before I went in to work. The relief and joy in Tim's voice made me aware once again, that this journey is not my journey; it is our journey. I felt our coupled-ness.

Last night, Cara began to think about her trip to Korea. "Why am I doing this?" she asked. "All my friends are here. My family. Were you scared when you went to Korea?" she asked. I thought back. I was older. 23, I think. "No," I said. She said, "Well, how did you manage without a cell phone? Or skype?" I thought again. "I wrote letters," I said. "But you didn't call your friends?" "No," I said, again. I saw her trying to imagine life in the olden days, back when I was young. She's having second thoughts about the thing. Last night, I was tired, and needed to go to bed, so I didn't have a lot to say. This morning though, we talked before we headed our separate ways. "Cara," I said. "The best advice that I can give you is that you cannot have your feet in two places at the same time. You have to choose." And I look at her. This is not our journey; it is her journey. I felt our separateness.

Brianna and Buddy are headed to the hospital. They think there's a grandbaby on the way. And that's the beginning of a whole new journey. For all of us.

Families are a strange and lovely thing, aren't they?


R Phillips said...

Girl, you said a mouthful with that last sentence! I'm praying for Brianna and Buddy as I head to bed. And, for the baby and the new grandparents!

A Novel Woman said...

Well my goodness, there's a bit of everything in this post! The best news of course is the clear MRI. Whoo hoo.

And we'll be waiting to hear about this grandbaby!

Brianna said...

Turns out it was a false alarm. They said I wasn't dilating any more than I was when I came in, and they don't want to induce until next week. Luckily, we didn't go to Erie to hear this, we just went over to Warren General, so at least it wasn't a trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Great news about the tests Deb. I know just what a load it can be waiting and not daring to hope. Won't be long now I am sure for you Brianna. Hope its only a day or two for you. We wish you all the very best with your news too.

Love and a big smile Barb

Bob said...

Oh man, that is GREAT news about the MRI. And yep, you're very blessed to have a guy like Tim go share in the joy, but to be there to share when it's painful too. I'm so pleased.

steviewren said...

I'm glad to hear that you and Tim got good news about the test!

Good luck to Cara and I hope she puts her doubts to rest before she hops on that plane.

Too bad about the false alarm for Brianna and Buddy, but it won't be long now will it?

Kelly said...

Praise God for your good results!!

Things are definitely different now, aren't they? I think of all the letters I've written in the past. Technology has really changed the world.

Sorry it was a false alarm, Brianna!!

(sssshh! I guess I shouldn't mention we're supposed to be in the 70s next week)

jeanie said...

Fly south for Winter - what a novel concept!!!

Best luck with that new grandchild arriving just when it is meant to come too, Deb.

My work colleague is a brand new grandma - she was on tenterhooks for the last week (oh, I suppose her daughter had a bit more than tenterhooks involved)

Scotty said...

Great news on the MRI, Debby.

Families are a strange and lovely thing, aren't they? At times, they sure can be.

Pencil Writer said...

I had to laugh about the older fellow going south for warmer weather! It's been dang cold down here, thank you!!!!! We had lows at 16 degrees and 19 degrees, and when the humidity is 80%+, that is miserable cold--especially when the highs are only in the 20's and the wind is blowing.

Okay. We ARE supposed to be having a high of 70 tomorrow. But for the last week we've kept the fireplace going 24/7 until yesterday.

This winter has been crazy all over the country AND that includes the south!

So happy for your good test results, Debby. =)